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‘He Left Us This Week’: Spencer Grammer Shares Heartfelt Tribute As Her Stepfather Passes Away

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Spencer Grammer, star of Rick and Morty, is sad that her stepfather, Dr. Bill Skinner is no more. On July 8, she posted bad news on Instagram along with a heartfelt tribute.

A loving tribute

In her post, Spencer expressed deep emotions about her stepfather. “I’ve never been very open about my private life,” she wrote. She hailed him as the person who taught her love without any conditions attached to it. Spencer has known him since she was five and he became a father figure to her after he married Doreen Alderman, her mother.

Even when Dr. Skinner broke up with Alderman, he remained a rock in Spencer’s world. He always lent his support for her cause; listened to her whenever she had anything to say and believed in what she did. “He left us this week and our hearts are broken. I wanted to spend so many more years with him,” she added. 

One of the selfies that they took together was shared by Spencer in remembrance of their last moments together. She stressed the importance of spending time with loved ones saying that many times she forgets to take pictures with those that matter most.

A deep loss and family bonds

Spencer described feeling a deep sense of loss. “A part of me is missing now. Truly deeply missing,” she added. Many lives were touched by his acts of kindness and generosity which Spencer thanked him for. 

Before ending her post she acknowledged his presence throughout all this while admitting not being the perfect daughter always but “I’m beyond grateful to have known you. I’ll miss you so much.”

Spencer is Kelsey Grammer’s eldest child. Their relationship has been rocky over the years especially after Kelsey divorced Doreen when Spencer was just a toddler. However, they have fixed their relationship over time. 

In 2022, Kelsey told PEOPLE how starring together with his ex-wife in Lifetime’s movie 12 Days Of Christmas Eve helped them reconnect. During her childhood, Kelsey has regrets about not being there for Spencer because of his very demanding work schedule.

“I feel sorry about it, but I’m also thankful that we had a chance to make amends,” he said. Spencer’s tribute to Dr. Bill Skinner is like a heartfelt loss and the need to treasure our people while they are still close by.

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