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The man who wanted hot pizza mid-flight

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Everyone has an airplane horror story concerning another passenger. Whether you have had some obnoxious child kicking the back of your chair, a man shouting at his partner for the duration of the flight, or a woman with her smelly feet sticking through to your armrest, we have heard them all. At least we thought we had. This latest story was so strange and surprising that you can only laugh.

Long flights can be a real pain. You are never fully comfortable, you have seen all the good movies and you feel cramped for what can feel like an eternity. The food usually leaves a lot to be desired too. Airplane food is so hated that most people would gladly choose hospital food over it. To be fair some airlines do a good job. If you ever fly to New Zealand, the national airline there will treat you to snacks of gourmet ice cream and famous cookies – pretty tasty.

The uncertainty over the food causes people to react in different ways. Some decide to fast for the entire duration of the flight. A once-off fast can be a good thing and it is just easier than eating terrible food. However not eating on the flight can leave you pretty cranky and this is not an environment that you should add further tension to. 
Some people bring their own food on the flight. We have seen people bring some strange items on board but recently a picture went viral of a man who brought a slice of pizza on as his mid-flight snack. I know what you are thinking – that sounds like a great idea. We agree – pizza is a perfect midflight snack because it is so good the next day. If you are having it a few hours into your flight it is going to taste great cold so the passenger who brought this on – we tip our cap to you.

However, the picture went viral for a different reason. The passenger in question must not be a fan of cold pizza because he was trying to heat it up off the light above his chair. This is just crazy. We can imagine how this situation came about. His friend or partner packed the pizza and thought it would be a lovely snack but when confronted with the cold pizza the man couldn’t do it. He explained he hated cold pizza and that he needed to heat it. That is strange enough, cold pizza is delicious. However to then turn to a small light above your seat as the solution. There is outside of the box thinking and then there is just stupidity.

For a start – the flight attendants likely could have helped and probably would have heated up the pizza if the man simply asked politely. Yet he decided to go it alone. He then looked a what we assume was an LED light and thought it would heat his pizza. While old airplanes didn’t always have LED lights, modern ones do. LED lights don’t give out any heat so trying to heat a pizza would be a task that would never be complete. Even if this airplane is older and has older lights we imagine that the man was holding that pizza slice under the lamp for quite some time before he got the heat.

The post went viral with thousands of people sharing it across various forms of social media. Airplane etiquette has become such a point of debate with more and more people weighing in on how one should act. We have to agree with the majority of people on this one. This guy was just plane (pun intended) strange!

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