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Three incredible documentaries you have not heard of

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While the coronavirus has stopped most of us from being able to travel to the most exotic places in the world, it has not stopped us from being able to watch enthralling documentaries about some of these places. While most of us are aware of the incredible Animal Planet documentaries that are available with the narration of Sir David Attenborough, there are so many more incredible travel documentaries available for us to watch. Read on to find out.

A friend recently shared a post that simply said “For the first year ever I won’t be traveling to Fiji, due to coronavirus. Usually, I don’t travel there because I am too poor” The clever wording highlights the current situation that is stopping us all from traveling but also the fact that despite the many years we have been around without a coronavirus there are still many places we have yet to visit. Whether it is finances, free time, lack of knowledge, or the coronavirus stopping us, there are many places in the world we would love to know a little more about at this current time as we just can’t get there.

One of my favorite documentaries is called the Fruit Hunters as it answers a question I have long had. There are 2,000 types of fruit in the world and the western world only eats 10%. Consider all of the amazing fruits you have never eaten, never even seen! The Fruit Hunters is an incredible documentary that follows scientists, adventurers, fruit detectives and for some reason, Independence Day’s Bill Pullman across the world in search of the greatest fruits we have yet to experience. The documentary is rated at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes by the critics and 68% by the audience so you can be sure it will leave a good taste in your mouth. 

Sharkwater sounds like the name of a B movie where the water turns people into sharks but it is something so much better. Sharkwater follows one filmmaker who spent 200 days in the water in one year. We get to witness tropical oceans filled with schools of fish, sharks and so much more. After watching you will never see the water in the same way again. The film is both beautiful and informative. Rated 79% by critics and 88% by audiences this is a movie that both educates and delights most people.

Blindsight is a must-see movie. If you don’t like documentaries, if you don’t like travel, you still need to watch this movie. Actually, if you don’t like both of those things you have probably stopped reading by now. To those of you who do love travel and documentaries, this is the perfect movie. To climb Mount Everest is an incredible feat and following a successful trip already makes a brilliant documentary (see the fantastic movie, Sherpa). Yet to add a new level to that same idea, what if a documentary followed six blind teenagers as they scale these incredible heights. These six Tibetan boys who were born blind, which would be a terrible ordeal for anyone, but in Tibet, it means you are believed to be possessed by a demon, have faced incredible adversity in their lives. Their story is incredible. 98% according to critics and 83% according to audiences.

As Bill Pullman would say “We will not go quietly into the night, we will not vanish without a fight” Make sure you listen to his words and don’t go to bed tonight without watching one of these incredible documentaries. Whether fruit, sharks, or mountains tickle your fancy, there is an incredible movie and some beautiful moment in all three films.

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