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How to keep your ice tasting fresh and nice ?

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The first warm spring day of the year should be spent relaxing in the nearest sunny spot with an ice-cold beverage in hand. But if you get ice cubes straight out of your freezer that has a funky flavor, it can really dampen your mood.

This may be a surprise that stinky ice cubes have almost nothing to do with your freezer, and everything to do with the refrigerator type you are having in your kitchen. Nowadays, there are a lot of modern refrigerators that use a dual-evaporator cooling system. In these types of refrigerators, the freezer has compartments that have their own independent air coolers. In case your fridge is an older or inexpensive one, there are chances that your refrigerator must be using a single evaporator cooling system. In these earlier models of refrigerators, the cooled air is circulated through the same place for both freezer and fridge compartments. So the cooled air flows between the two chambers inside your refrigerator, and then there is the potential for odor contamination. So people often come across some ice cubes that have a garlic-scented smell that is picked up from something inside your fridge.

Clean your fridge & freezer

Refrigerator cleaning is one of the most daunting jobs in life, and no one loves doing this. So if you want your ice to taste like nothing again, you will have to do this job, not once, after every 15-20 days. Start the cleaning process with the fridge compartment and take out all the food. Now take a cleaning cloth and scrub it out of every surface with the help of a cleaning agent. You can even try making a 50-50 combination of water and white vinegar to clean inside of your refrigerator.

Once you have a sparkling clean refrigerator, you will need to keep it that way. So this means you need to prevent the fridge smells from flowing up to your freezer. You can ensure this by just a simple method; all you have to do is change the way you store extra smelly food inside your refrigerator. Make sure you cover the containers that contain dishes and other things that have the potential to spread bad odor inside your fridge. Make sure you cover the containers with heavy lids and do not keep that leftover onion or garlic inside the refrigerator.

Clean ice maker

If your refrigerator is without automatic ice-makers, scrub down the surface or place some new ice cubes trays to solve your problem.

Take out everything

In case you are experiencing extreme bad smell or odor when you open your fridge, maybe this is the time to dispose of leftover items and other smell-casing foods from your refrigerator.

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