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Who is Spencer Storbeck? Get to know The Bachelorette Season 20’s strangest contestant

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The Bachelorette just had its season premiere, and just like previous seasons, we were introduced to men, who are going to try and win the heart of this season’s lead Charity Lawson. Out of all the contestants introduced in the first week, the most interesting one turned out to be the 32-year-old medical sales director from California, Spencer Storbeck.

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Who is The Bachelorette’s Spencer Storbeck?

The Bachelorette contestant Spencer Storbeck seems to be a normal and unassuming guy when we first meet him on the reality show. His bio from the show says he works as a medical sales director and likes to go biking in his free time. His hero is supposed to be Anthony Bourdain and he likes to read Jack Kerouac novels. 

One fascinating fact that Spencer’s official bio for the show reads is the fact that he wants to run for political office in the future. All these facts make him an interesting personality to watch out for as we get to see someone who is quite humble in meetings but seems to harbor some big political ambitions as well. 

How was Spencer’s first meeting with The Bachelorette Charity Lawson?

Spencer and Charity’s first meeting was a mixture of delightful awkwardness. The contestant seemed to be someone with not a lot of experience of being in the spotlight as he appeared to be quite nervous while talking to Charity for the first time.

In their initial meeting, Spencer revealed that he has a fondness for martial arts, to which Charity asked him to teach some moves to her. Spencer was quite forthcoming when he said that it would be good to just hit someone in the nuts, to diffuse the situation. 

Taking his answer in jest, Charity replied that she’ll try that when an opportunity will be presented, but Spencer seemed to be quite serious about the prospect, as he asked her to hit him in the nuts if she wants to try that.

Momentarily taken aback, Charity replied that she would not actually hit him, and she couldn’t even try if she wanted to, owing to her dress. Apparently, Spencer was quite serious about the situation, as he seemed genuinely relieved when Charity refused to kick him in the nuts. 

The night took an even more interesting turn when Spencer took Charity aside to tell her his big secret, he is actually a dad! Charity was surprisingly alright with the declaration and admitted her admiration for him to make such a big sacrifice for participating in the show. The night ended with Spencer receiving the final rose of the rose ceremony, concluding a very interesting first episode for The Bachelorette Season 20

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