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Warner Bros Studio experience electrical fire and smoke billows; netizens say Oppenheimer marketing is crazy

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A massive fire erupted at Warner Bros Studios in Los Angeles County, reportedly caused by a transformer explosion. Fortunately, the fire was soon extinguished.

 A Warner Bros insider stated that the fire was deemed an accident, as confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter. The fire at the renowned studio prompted swift action from firefighters, who swiftly brought the situation under control.

With the fire breaking out at Warner Bros. lot, speculations have begun to swirl online, with some users suggesting that the incident could be a clever marketing ploy for Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated film, Oppenheimer.

This speculation comes as Oppenheimer and Margot Robbie’s Barbie, which is produced by Warner Bros. are set to clash in a thrilling battle at the box office in July.

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Oppenheimer marketing getting out of hand?

The fire breakout at Warner Bros Studios sparked a flurry of reactions on social media. Actor Stephen Ford’s tweet about the incident garnered attention, and other users eagerly joined the conversation. One Twitter user humorously remarked, “Oppenheimer marketing is crazy,” alluding to the upcoming film.

Speculating on the fire’s connection to Oppenheimer, another user quipped, “Guess the Oppenheimer marketing is finally ramping up.”

The tweets continued as someone jokingly questioned if it was Universal’s marketing ploy. Twitter users enjoyed the moment, with one suggesting, “I see the Oppenheimer press tour has started.” Another user added to the fun by humorously claiming that Christopher Nolan was seen fleeing the scene with promotional materials.

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What went behind the fire breakout at Warner Bros?

A Twitter user shared their firsthand experience of the fire outbreak, mentioning a ‘big boom’ and a momentary power flicker before the eerie smoke engulfed the sky. Several people claimed to have witnessed flashing lights several miles away from the renowned Warner Bros studio.

The incident was initially reported by The Citizen app, which featured a video capturing the smoke and accompanying it with a statement from firefighters. The statement indicated that a transformer had caught fire, and efforts were underway to control the blaze.

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