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Victoria Beckham is finally being honest – and has the T-shirt to prove it | Ents & Arts News

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Victoria Beckham has a new fashion item – but this time it’s not couture.

The designer and former Spice Girl is poking fun at herself with the sale of a new T-shirt emblazoned with “My dad had a Rolls-Royce”.

For the uninitiated, the slogan relates to a clip from the Beckham Netflix documentary series which quickly went viral in which David pokes his head around the door when he hears his wife say “we’re very working class”.

He tells her to “be honest” – and she finally admits she went to school in a Rolls-Royce.

Now, the 90s pop icon wants to know what you drove to school in – with a T-shirt currently retailing on her website that has a non-working class price tag to match: £110.

In a light-hearted and cheeky TikTok video, where she appears to embrace the fact her comments in the documentary were among the most talked about moments, she says: “Now who doesn’t love a slogan T-shirt? I do. And I have to say, my question for you all: What did your dad drive you to school in? My dad drove me, yes, in a Rolls-Royce.”

The post is accompanied by the caption: “Available now!” with a cry-laugh emoji.

The item description on the website reads: “Made from soft, organic cotton, the ‘My Dad Had A Rolls-Royce’ slogan T-shirt embodies the brand’s playful side. Designed with dropped shoulder seams and a classic crew neckline, it has a relaxed fit and refined feel.”

Lots of comments below Victoria’s social media posts were about how funny the former Spice Girl is, while others poked fun at David “calling her out”.

Some, of course, pointed to the price tag: “£110 for a T-shirt?”

Beckham, a Netflix four-part series, came out in October and follows the former midfielder’s rise to football stardom through interviews with his wife Victoria, and other famous faces.

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For those who haven’t watched the documentary, the exchange between the happily married couple went as follows:

Victoria: We’re very working class…

David: Be honest

Victoria: I am being honest

David: Be honest

Victoria: I am being honest

David: What car did your dad drive you to school in?

Victoria: So my dad…

David: No, one answer. What car was it?

Victoria: It’s not a simple answer because…

David: What car, what did you get your dad to drive you to school in?

Victoria: It depends…

David: No, no-no-no-no-no…

Victoria: Okay. In the eighties my dad had a Rolls-Royce.

David: Thank you.

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