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Rachel Lindsay Reflects On Her Divorce With Bryan Abasolo; Claims That She Knew The Moment She Was ‘Done’

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Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay opens up about her decision to divorce her husband, Bryan Abasolo. Lindsay and Abasolo ended their four years of marriage in the early months of this year. The couple got engaged at the conclusion of the 13th season of the reality show, where they first met. After splitting up with her ex-husband, the media person claims to be looking at building a single life for herself again. 

In a YouTube interview, Lindsay shared that while she is looking forward to her single life again, the reality TV star is also facing the aftermath of the divorce. 

What did Rachel Lindsay tell the audience about her divorce?

While appearing in a YouTube interview, Lindsay shared insights about her decision to split up from her husband. The TV personality revealed that the moment she thought of divorcing Abasolo, she was done. The TV star shared, “I think I read this somewhere; I’m not sure, but by the time women decide they want a divorce, they’re done, and I was done.” 

Lindsay further added that though the decision was taken with all her senses intact, it “doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard or a re-adjustment.”

She added, “It’s still a struggle daily, but emotionally, I felt I was very sure this was what I wanted to do.” In the Wednesday interview with Scott Evans on YouTube, the TV personality claimed that post-divorce, she is facing the anxious force of going out in public. Lindsay shared that she just wanted to be around her people and friends and not get out of her comfort zone. 

The Bachelorette star revealed, “I was telling people that I was asexual and antisocial… those first few months. I was like, ‘I just want to see my girls. I want to be with them.’ I would get anxiety being in a big crowd because I’d realize, ‘I’m single, and people can try and talk to me.’”


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Rachel Lindsay commented about being uncomfortable in public

In her post-divorce interview with Scott Evans, Lindsay shared that, on the one hand, as she plans to go out in public, she also feels a sense of discomfort when approaching people. The reality TV star said, “I thought, ‘What was wrong with me?’ My safety net is done, and  I don’t have my ring on; I don’t have a husband. I’m out here,” she said. “I felt so exposed and vulnerable that I really didn’t go out for days.” 

Lindsay disclosed that she is starting to regain the courage to step outside her comfort zone. After several months on a solo ski trip, Lindsay overcame her fears.


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