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Why should go to the Netherlands

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With its tulip fields, windmills and canals, what else would you need to entice you to visit the beautiful compact country that is the Netherlands? Actually, this place has so much more to offer than just those famous symbols.


With that said, its canals are pretty spectacular. They needed to be as they were originally the main mode of transport throughout many areas in this country and were a means for merchants to transport their wares around a community. Although the most famous ones are in Amsterdam, they are located throughout the Netherlands.


Bicyclists will feel especially at home in this country. In urban environments, cyclists abound, and rentals are readily available if you’re visiting and haven’t brought your own bicycle. In fact, bicycles are so numerous here that they often outnumber a city’s residents. Meanwhile, rural cycling offers a completely different environment but one that’s so enticing as well. Long-distance cyclists can also transport themselves from city to city this way quite easily.


This country has been home to some of the world’s greatest artists, including Vincent van Gogh. As a result, most cities are home to one or more art museums. These include historic ones as well as ones dedicated to modern and contemporary art. Amsterdam in particular has a significant number of both of these types.


Music enthusiasts will also find plenty of outlets for their passion, regardless of when they visit the Netherlands, as this country is home to amazing concerts and festivals throughout the year. The best places to go for music are Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht although every city will generally have quite a bit of musical talent regularly on display.

Craft beer

Craft beer is more of a recent interest for Dutch people and visitors to this amazing country as breweries are continuing to pop up throughout the Netherlands. This trend started in the 1990s and continues to develop.


Regardless of everything else that it has to offer, the happiness that its residents enjoy seeps into every one of them. This country has been ranked amongst the top of various “happiest countries” lists, including coming in sixth in one done by the United Nations.


One of the famous symbols of the Netherlands deserves to be enjoyed in full, and that’s its pride in tulips. In May, tulips bloom throughout its countryside, attracting Dutch and international visitors throughout that month.


Gouda cheese and Edam cheese both originated in the Netherlands, and this is arguably where they’re still done best. In fact, some of the most fulfilling Dutch experiences that you can have while in this country is taking in a cheese market in a small Dutch city.


The engineering that has been undertaken in the Netherlands has been incredible. Specifically, large plots of land have been raised to help battle the natural topography of the country, which results in a third of it lying below sea level.

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