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SS Ballet Academy raises bar for ballet dancers with CID certification

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The SS Ballet Academy (SSBA) in Ahmedabad, Gujarat has just revealed some interesting secrets that their students can benefit from. SSBA is a member of the internationally prestigious Conseil International de la Danse (CID) certification, which is an official partner of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (popularly known as UNESCO).

SSBA students are now privileged to benefit from a whole lot of advantages. They can work on dance activities and events in India and have joint projects with students of other countries. They can take part in CID programmes as well as in meetings and activities of CID members.

In fact, CID encourages and forwards news for interaction with other CID members to their colleagues and students for more growth opportunities for their members.

SSBA students can even contact CID members before travelling to another country. They can seek a briefing and get assistance about dance programmes ahead of their journey to those countries. This is possible as CID has a vast network of professionals and operates like one big family.

But probably the most important benefit the students of SS Ballet Academy get from the CID certification is that CID validates the SSBA dance classes and provides a universal stamp of legitimacy to the academy’s students.

For the record, SS Ballet Academy was launched by its founder-director Pratyusha Chhajer four years ago to train and develop professional dancing. Named after Pratyusha’s children Samyan and Shonaya, SSBA follows the Vaganova curriculum method of ballet. It is a style of ballet training created by Russian ballerina Agrippina Vaganova, who became a highly renowned ballet teacher and has authored the book Basic Principles of Classical Ballet.

This curriculum method is marked by a fusion of the classical French style (specifically elements from the romantic era), with the athleticism of the Italian method, combined with the soulful passion of Imperial Russian Ballet.

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