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Couple who bonds through travel finds a unique way to share experiences with others

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Jon and Ilse are a couple that hails from Chicago, Illinois of the United States and Mexico City, Mexico respectively. The pair met while both worked as entertainers on a Royal Carribean cruise ship. Jon worked onboard the ship as a musician and Ilse was a dancer and fitness instructor.

Jon says he bounced around a bit from job to job as a young man in his mid-twenties. He said he disliked most of the jobs he was forced to work during this time in his life so it did not take long for him to decide he would report for duty on the cruise ship once he learned the opportunity was available.

Ilse says the true value of working on a cruise ship is the unbelievable friendships she established. She says she met people from all around the world and learned a little bit about multiple cultures.

Together, Jon and Ilse have experienced 52 countries and over 200 cities together. And they are now adjusting to living for a while with Jon’s dad in the United States.

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The couple was married in October of 2018 and point out they travel just as much now while their home base is with Jon’s dad as they ever did as a couple.

The love Jon and Ilse possess for travel is plain to see as soon as the subject is discussed and world travel is something they want to enjoy together for the rest of their lives. To commemorate their travel, the duo took a map and colored the countries and U.S. states they have seen together. They then connected a thread on their vlog to each of the locations and a polaroid picture of themselves together there.

Source: Youtube

Jon and Ilse say the map is not only a reminder of the places they have already enjoyed but provides motivation for them to continue their travels. Jon says it took them about eight hours to make the map and Ilse says she is anxiously awaiting the day the map is completely full.

The couple says the travel Vlog they now produce is with the intent to demonstrate to others that they can fulfill there travel dreams also. Jon and Ilse point out it is not necessary to be wealthy to enjoy a life of travel. They explain there are many affordable ways to see more of the world. A term coined by the couple and used often during their vlog entries is “EPD.” This is short for “experience per dollar.”

Jon explains that you will not see many fancy clubs or other tourist destinations on the couple’s vlog entries. Instead, Jon and Ilse are more interested in the life lived by locals in the countries they visit.

Jon and Ilse say the cultural exchange that takes place while traveling is only equaled by the many great people you will meet along the way.

The couple welcomes visitors to their vlog who are also interested in experiencing the world and works to provide visitors with all the information necessary to help them along their way.

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