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Jeremy Renner Set To Return For Mayor Of Kingstown Shoots as He Recovers From Injury; Deets

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Jeremy Renner had a snow plough accident in 2023. He sustained extensive injuries after the fatal incident. Now, he is back with a bang shooting the thriller series Mayor Of Kingstown. He further talked about the show’s new season. Furthermore, the Dahmer star recently gave a health update in an interview.

Jeremy Renner returns to Mayor Of Kingstown shoot 

Hollywood actor Jeremy Renner spoke about the challenges he faced while filming Mayor Of Kingstown season 3 since he had a severe snow plow accident back on the New Year Day 2023. 

He managed his ongoing physical recovery from the life-threatening accident with the demands of leading the show, and Jeremy said there was a “perspective I had to shift.”

In a GMA interview on May 22, the actor said, “I had to cross the threshold of, ‘Do I want to go tell fictional stories?’ I’m worried about real life — putting a foot in front of another to walk.”


He added, “I think what happened is we just switched the thinking of the whole thing. I didn’t go to Pittsburgh to film Mayor of Kingstown, I went to go in my recovery and then Kingstown was kind of on the side.”


Renner admitted he can be quite “headstrong,” and that was something he had to work on changing while working on the show.

“My mind thinks I’m like, perfect. My body is saying, ‘Dude, you’re a hot mess! Chill out, pump the breaks, man!’,” the Oscar nominee said. “But again, nothing is wrong with my brain, even though it got crushed.”

Renner teases that there are “more emotional, intimate” moments this season that offer a “reprieve” from the usual intensity.

“There’s more sentiment to it, because I think I sort of had to bring it in a little bit, just because of where I was at in my life,” the Wind River actor told GMA. “Mike McLusky is still pretty aggro, but I think he’s a little softer as well, just sort of ’cause I had to play him.”


Mayor of Kingstown season 3 streams June 2 on Paramount+.

Jeremy Renner shared his health update

Jeremy Renner shared his health update saying he’s “feeling pretty great” although going back to work after his traumatizing snow plow accident had him feeling “a little dicey strength-wise.”

Mirror reported that Renner is currently recuperating from a snow plow incident on New Year’s Day in 2023, where he was hit by a 14,330-pound snow plow while assisting in moving his nephew’s truck and saving him. Jeremy sustained severe injuries, including over 30 fractures and chest injuries like a collapsed lung and punctured liver.

In the same interview, Jeremy said, “I’m feeling pretty great. I’m feeling pretty strong. Starting the season this year at the beginning of the year was a little dicey, strength-wise, but by the end of it, usually you’re pretty shattered energy-wise but I feel pretty strong.”


George Stephanopoulos, the co-anchor of GMA, inquired about whether it was “stamina or strength” that contributed to Jeremy’s progress, to which Jeremy replied back: “It’s both. Like the endurance was not very good but I’m better on both ends now. I feel really, really strong and really, really happy.”

The actor from Marvel discussed his experience with running while a video clip of him running after the accident was shown. He emphasized the significance of “setting intention and setting goals” in his running routine. Additionally, he highlighted the importance of agility and movement, which he strives to improve upon and gain more strength in.

For those who don’t know about Jeremy Renner, he is a phenomenal actor known for his iconic roles in The Hurt Locker (2008), The Town (2010), The Avengers (2012), and Wind River (2017).


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