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Influencer Jackie Miller James finally meets her baby on waking up from coma after brain aneurysm | Ents & Arts News

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Social media influencer Jackie Miller James has woken up from a medically induced coma to be “reunited” with her newborn child.

Ms James underwent an emergency C-section to deliver her baby and brain surgery in May, after suffering a brain aneurysm rupture, which led to severe bleeding and injury.

One week before her due date, Ms James was found by her husband, Austin.

She was immediately taken to hospital, put in a coma and went on to have at least five operations on her brain.

After the C-section, her newborn baby girl remained in hospital in a neonatal intensive care unit for 12 days due to the traumatic nature of her birth.

Nearly one month after the last update on Ms James, her family shared a statement on Instagram on Sunday which said that she was “performing above expectations” after waking up from the coma.

It meant she could be “reunited” with her baby girl and meet her properly for the first time.

‘Long road to recovery’

The statement on Instagram said: “We are beyond thrilled to share that your loving prayers for Jackie have been working!

“Jackie is awake and was recently transferred to one of the best neurological rehabilitation hospitals in the country.

“The doctors have been pleased upon her latest tests, numbers and evaluations, noting that Jackie is performing above expectations at this stage of her recovery and is progressing more with every passing day.”

The statement also said that Ms James still has a “long road to recovery” and asked her fans to continue the “prayers, love, and support”.

The family have said that the social media influencer has now “reunited” with her baby and “spends a great deal of each day with her entire family while in the hospital”.

A GoFundMe page set up by the family hopes to raise $450,000 (£355,131) to “provide a way for family and friends to help Jackie secure the highest level of care”.

“We are currently navigating rehabilitation needs, medical bills, and insurance claims. The resources raised from the GoFundMe will allow us to continue to give Jackie the very best care and every chance at recovery,” the family added.

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The funds that remain unused will be donated to families in similar situations or to charities, a description on the GoFundMe page says.

So far, more than $330,000 has been donated to the family, along with hopeful messages from supporters.

One user wrote: “As a survivor myself and with a daughter Jackie’s age, I am sending positive thoughts to your entire family.

“Online emotional support from others and information is available at the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, which helped me incredibly during a very difficult time.”

Another said: “Sending prayers for Jackie’s complete recovery, prayers for the baby, husband and family and friends. Prayers for wisdom for the medical staff treating them. God bless.”

Ms James is a beauty and lifestyle influencer and now has more than 80,000 followers on Instagram.

She is also known for sharing her pregnancy journey on her page, as well as pictures from her wedding and beauty tips.

What is an aneurysm?

According to the NHS, a brain aneurysm is a bulge in a blood vessel caused by weakness in the blood vessel wall.

As blood passes through this weakened blood vessel, the blood pressure can then cause a small area to bulge outwards like a balloon.

The two most common places aneurysms can develop are:

• The brain

• The artery that transports blood away from the heart to the rest of the body

Symptoms of a burst aneurysm include:

• A sudden headache – this can often be a blinding pain which the NHS has described as a “thunderclap headache”.

• A stiff neck

• Nausea and vomiting

• Intense pain when looking at light

The risk factors identified for the development of an aneurysm include smoking, high blood pressure and a family history of brain aneurysms.

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