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Ilaria Salis: Father of Italian bound in chains in Hungary court says treatment inhumane and warns of ‘disaster’ | World News

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The father of an Italian woman who appeared in chains in a Hungarian court has said no one deserves to be treated like she has and that “it’s a disaster” if her case becomes political.

Ilaria Salis, an anti-fascist activist, was arrested in Budapest last year on suspicion of a serious assault on two far-right supporters at Hungary‘s Day of Honour commemorations.

At a hearing last month she appeared with legs shackled together, handcuffed, and with a guard walking behind her holding a chain.

There have also been reports in Italian media that at one point in her detention she was bound by the neck in a cell with mice and cockroaches.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has reportedly spoken to her Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orban about Salis’s detention.

The Italian government called the court appearance “humiliating” and the foreign ministry summoned Hungary’s deputy ambassador in protest.

Speaking to Sky’s Yalda Hakim, her father said the situation was becoming “very dangerous” for his daughter.

“If it’s turning political, it’s a disaster,” said Roberto Salis.

“Nobody can treat a human being like she was treated, particularly at the beginning of this story,” he said.

Hungary’s international spokesman, Zoltan Kovacs, denied Salis’s treatment in court was inhumane.

He said her case was simply being “taken seriously due to the severity of the crime she’s charged with”.

Ilaria Salis appeared chained and shackled at a Budapest court hearing

People protested in Rome over her detention in Rome. Pic: Reuters
People have protested in Rome over her detention in Rome. Pic: Reuters

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Mr Salis told Sky News he hoped his daughter, 39, would be released to house arrest “as soon as possible”.

“We’ve been told the first step has to be in Hungary, but even if it’s very difficult – for instance to find an apartment there to rent – we hope this will be done shortly.

“Then the second step is in Italy for the house arrest and then we will carry on with the process.”

“Ilaria keeps saying that she’s innocent,” he added. “So we will fight to demonstrate her innocence.”

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