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How to recognize that you are traveling too much

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The majority of people love to travel. One of the amazing things about this planet is the vast array of choices we have when it comes to culture, food, and nature. We are truly spoilt. Yet some people clearly love traveling more than others and there are a small minority of people that love traveling TOO much. Let’s check if you fall into this last category.

Your savings account

If your savings are empty because you have spent all your money on trips away then you may fall into the category of loving travel too much. While travel is great for you, you should try and keep some savings just in case something goes wrong in your ordinary life.

You know your passport number

Whenever you go to book a flight you likely have to write your passport number in the box online. If you don’t have to check your passport anymore it means that you are flying too often. While we all love to travel if you reach a point where you can memorize all your details it may mean that you are going too often.

Your bag is never unpacked

When I get back from a trip I am always slow to unpack my bag (read the word ‘slow’ as ‘lazy’). However, I feel great once I do. It makes me feel like I am truly home in a comfortable place again. If you are someone that never fully unpacks a bag because you are already thinking about the next trip then that may be one trip too many. While traveling is great there is still something beautiful about the routine of your home life. If you are traveling a lot make sure it is because it is something you want to do and not because you are running from something else, like real life.

The photos on your walls

In the average household, there are photos on the walls of loved ones and the occasional picture of a destination. If your home only has photos of places you have been or are planning to go you may be addicted to travel. 

Your house is full of adapters

Adapters are one of the most annoying things in the world. Why when electricity was being created did the world not just agree on a standard plug size. I suppose we should at least be grateful that adapters exist, otherwise, we would be truly screwed. However, if your house is full of a variety of adapters then it shows you travel a lot. While someone will read this and argue about the idea of a single multi-adapter, that person has clearly never been in the middle of nowhere desperate for an adapter and paid a high price for a very poor piece of tech.

A beginner of many languages

If you are able to say a couple of random phrases in a variety of languages then it likely means you are well-traveled. If you can say thank you very much in Japanese and aks for the bathroom in Spanish you have seen a fair slice of the world (or at least Spain and Japan).

The truth is that there is no such thing as TOO much travel or at least no clear definition of what is too much. If you are someone who loves to travel then you should travel as much as you can, while you can. The coronavirus pandemic has stopped most people from traveling and it has only highlighted how fortunate we all were prior to the disease impacting our lives. If you have the funds and the time then you really should make the most of it and see what makes this world so wonderful.

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