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The five foods you need to try when visiting Norway

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Norway is famous for its fjords, Norwegian food is the essence of fresh and local. Whether at a restaurant or eating a local’s home, they utilize local products that give their food a very rustic touch. Norwegians eat a lot of fish, game, local berries and delectable pastry.

What are the five items you need to try while you are in Norway.

Potato lefse

Unless you grew up with an authentic Norwegian grandma, you have not had real lefse. Soft and delicious, this thin potato bread is like a pancake meets bread. Generally, Norwegians eat lefse at breakfast. Slather butter over it, then top with either jam or cinnamon and sugar. Roll it up and indulge!


Reindeer is the gourmet meat that the Norwegians love, and prepare beautifully. It is a lean, salty and smoked meat, with a gamey beef flavor. Often prepared as a roast, this tender meat is served rare, with a tasty sauce and starchy potatoes.

Besides roasted reindeer, there are other reindeer delicacies available. Reindeer heart is a Norwegian gourmet delicacy. Deftly prepared, it is often accompanied with such local Nordic ingredients like Spruce juice. Norwegians also like to make meatballs using reindeer. Along with a cream sauce and potatoes, this is hearty and satisfying meal.


Kvæfjordkake is considered the world’s best cake. Two sponge cakes are constructed together with meringue, custard and almonds for the most decadent cake tasting experience. This is Norway’s national cake. There are even songs created for Kvæfjordkake.


Kumla are Norwegian potato dumplings. They are grated potatoes mixed with flour and other ingredients. Usually, there is chopped ham or bacon inside. There is also a veggie version for those who don’t eat meat.

Also called Krub, Klubb, Klimpor, Kompe, Kumpe, Potetball or Raspeball, the end result is the same. They are served with melted butter and a short nap afterwards!

Hot dogs

Norwegians indulge in a lot of pølse, which is a sausage similar to a hot dog. They average at about 100 consumed per person. This fast food item is available everywhere from gas stations to grocery stores.

It is served up in a bun or in a tortilla. You can find them in soups, stews, fried up on its own, served up in a meal, along with potatoes, and even as part of Christmas dinner (julepølse).

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