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Who is Carly Reeves? Here’s 5 things to know about Tom Hanks’ niece

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Carly Reeves was eliminated from the show, at the end of the Claim To Fame season 2 premiere. Claim to Fame season 2, which premiered on June 26, 2023, follows 12 celebrity relatives trying to keep their identity secret. However, Reeves was the first one to be eliminated amongst them. Here are 5 things to know about Carly Reeves, who was eliminated from the second season of Claim to Fame.

5 things to know about Carly Reeves  

Carly Reeves is Tom Hanks’ niece

After getting eliminated from Claim To Fame season second premiere, Carly Reeves was all praises for Tom Hanks. She said, “He’s always been there for me, and not only is he so kind, but he is so funny and he’s so smart. I can go to him with advice for anything. Everything that you hear about Tom is true. He is the nicest guy in Hollywood. And I just absolutely love him.”

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Reeves was eliminated in Claim To Fame’s season 2 premiere

Carly Reeves was eliminated after Hugo correctly guessed her celebrity relatives. A secret ballot vote had made Hugo a guesser.  

After getting eliminated from Claim To Fame season 2, Reeves started crying and said, “I didn’t realize he was going to pick me. I was not expecting this at all.” Tom Hanks’ niece was helping Hugo with the clues, so it was certainly unexpected that she would be targeted at the end.

Reeves has tried her hand in sketch comedy

Reeves has also tried her hand in sketch comedy. On her website it is mentioned that Carly Reeves took a sketch writing class at UCB and even pursued YouTube sketches. She has even worked in musical parodies and worked at the Strait Jacket Society in Hollywood.

Carly Reeves is actress

Just like her uncle, Carly Reeves is also an actress. She debuted in the 2004 Hilary Duff movie Raise Your Voice. Some of her other notable work includes Charlie Wilson’s War, Larry Crowne, and Broken At Love.

Reeves was born in California

According to her official website, Carly Reeves was born and brought up in Reseda, California. She lived with her mother and sister until her teenage years. She soon moved to Pacific Palisades for high school.

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