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Why did Geraldo Rivera quit? Find the reason behind the whole fiasco

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After a long tenure of over twenty years at Fox News, Geraldo Rivera has decided to part ways with the network.

Rivera initially announced his departure from The Five, a show he had been a part of, and later provided additional information in a Twitter video. In the video, Rivera revealed that he had not only left his role as a correspondent-at-large but also disclosed that he had been fired from The Five. Consequently, Rivera made the decision to quit Fox altogether.

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Geraldo Rivera hints at growing tensions behind the scenes

The renowned journalist has attributed his departure from Fox News to more than just editorial disagreements, citing a ‘growing tension’ as a significant factor.

In an interview with the Associated Press, he disclosed that although the decision to leave was his own, the network’s management did not actively pursue him to stay. Rivera’s final planned appearance on the network was on Friday, June 30.

In a tweet on June 21, Geraldo Rivera expressed gratitude for his time on The Five, acknowledging the challenges of being the ‘odd man out’ as one of the more liberal hosts.

Just two days later, he expressed uncertainty about his next career move. In a shirtless photo captioned “80-year-old contemplating retirement,” he reflected on his 52-year-long career and the dilemma of retiring, considering his enduring passion for addressing important issues that resonate with the American people. 

Geraldo Rivera’s illustrious career in Broadcast Journalism

Geraldo Rivera began his association with Fox News in 2001, assuming different roles such as a war correspondent, weekend anchor, and host of the Fox Nation series Cops: All Access.

However, it was as a member of the roundtable cast of The Five that Rivera found significant recognition and a large audience. In 2022, he officially became a member of The Five alongside Jessica Tarlov and Harold Ford Jr.

Known for his confrontational style, Rivera often engaged in spirited debates on the show, which covers a range of topics including current events, politics, and popular culture. Prior to his time at Fox News, Rivera had an illustrious broadcasting career, including stints at CNBC and ABC News. He also hosted his own talk show, which aired for 11 years starting in 1987.

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