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‘We Did It Y’All’: Shaboozey Celebrates A Bar Song (Tipsy) Taking Top Spot In Billboard Hot 100

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Shaboozey’s rise to the top is no ordinary feat. The singer’s new track, A Bar Song (Tipsy), is reigning on two Billboard charts, with him making history as the second-most Black artist to have achieved so. 

Basking in the limelight, Shaboozey knows just how to celebrate his record-breaking endeavor. He was delighted to share the triumph with his fans as he announced A Bar Song’s rise to No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on his socials. 

Shaboozey thanks fans for A Bar Song’s success 

Shaboozey’s latest track, A Bar Song (Tipsy) made it to No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 following its reign at the Hot Country Songs chart this week. His first-ever chart-topper, the 29-year-old singer became one of the only two Black artists who have topped both the charts simultaneously. 

Beyonce first achieved the historic feat with her hit, Texas Hold ‘Em from her new album, Cowboy Carter, this year. 

A Bar Song (Tipsy) is interpolated with J-K Won’s hit song, Tipsy, released exactly a decade ago. This could have possibly influenced the song’s explosive success, in addition to its infectious beats and fun lyrics. A Bar Song (Tipsy) features on Shaboozey’s new album, Where I’ve Been, Isn’t Where I’m Going. 

Shaboozey took to his X (formerly Twitter) handle to celebrate his long-awaited victory after dedicating years of his life to music. “WE DID IT YALL. WE NO. 1. I LOVE Y’ALL,” he announced in the post on Tuesday, July 8. Also quoting a lyric from the track, the singer added, “TAKE A DOUBLE SHOT OF WHISKEY 4 ME!” while wishing everyone “A Happy Bar Song Day.”

A Bar Song replaced Beyonce’s Texas Hold ‘Em this week, leaping from No.6 to No.1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It is also the first time two Black artists have topped the charts consecutively, per Billboard.

The Virginia native’s big jump on the Billboard charts came soon after he collaborated with Beyonce in March. Shaboozey got featured in two of the songs for Queen Bey’s 2024 album, Cowboy Carter, namely, Spaghetti feat. Linda Martell and Sweet/Honey/Buckin’.

However, the first big wave of his career was in 2018 after Shaboozey teamed up with Duckwrth to create the high-spirited soundtrack, Start A Riot for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. 

Shaboozey’s manager reflects on the significance of his triumph

Shaboozey’s co-manager, Jared Cotter shared his thoughts on what A Bar Song’s triumph meant to him and the community. In a new interview with Billboard, Cotter reflected on the evolution of the country music genre and the progress the Black community has made in that field.

“It’s a positive sign that times are changing and that country listeners just want great music, no matter who it comes from,” he said. The manager also credited Beyonce for creating space for an emerging artist like Shaboozey, which remains a milestone in the latter’s career. “The Beyoncé Bounce is real!” Cotter exclaimed. 

Meanwhile, Shaboozey revealed that the triumph “feels like a dream” which he anticipates might be over as soon as he wakes up, per People. It’s a pinch-me moment for sure. 

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