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The Witcher 3: Have Anya Chalotra and Joey Batey spoken to Liam Hemsworth amidst Henry Cavill replacement?

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Fantasy drama television series The Witcher is all set for the release of the first volume of its third season on June 29, 2023. The popular Netflix show has been widely discussed and with the third season marking Henry Cavill’s last appearance as Geralt of Rivia, fans are in quite a bittersweet position. Liam Hemsworth will be replacing him from the fourth season onwards.

The news came as a massive disappointment to fans who consider Cavill to be the perfect Geralt, and the cast of The Witcher has previously revealed how much they will miss the Superman star. Anya Chalotra, who stars as Yennefer of Vengerberg, and Joey Batey, who plays Jaskier, have opened up about whether they have been in contact with Hemsworth.

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Have Anya Chalotra and Joey Batey spoken to Liam Hemsworth?

Batey, plays Jaskier the bard, Geralt’s close friend through the years, and has revealed that he has been in touch with Hemsworth. “I’ve been in contact with him. We’ve been emailing, we’ve been exchanging our favorite quotes from the books, and things like that. I don’t think any of us are in the position to advise on playing Geralt but he’s throwing himself into it. His training regime is insane and he’s been devouring the books,” the actor told Games Radar.

Chalotra, who stars as Yennefer, Geralt’s soulmate, revealed that she has also talked to The Hunger Games star. “Yes, just through email, a message of support when the news came out. I can’t wait to meet him,” she told the portal. The actress also recently told Variety that she was not a part of the decision to cast Hemsworth after Cavill quit The Witcher due to creative differences with the makers. She explained, “We haven’t had a chemistry test. I wasn’t part of that process [of his casting]. But I’m very excited to see what his Geralt is.”

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“And only then will we realize what dynamics we have as a group,” Chalotra added. On the other hand, Outlander and House of the Dragon actor Graham McTavish, who plays Dijkstra in The Witcher, stated, “I’m very excited to see Liam, actually. I only met his brother many years ago, before he became Thor. They’re a lovely family and I think Liam brings something really interesting to the role.” While the first volume of season three will release on June 29 on Netflix, the second volume of Cavill’s final season will release on July 27.

The first volume will consist of five of the total eight episodes, while the second volume will include the remaining three episodes. Based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels, the series first premiered on December 20, 2019, and was a massive success. Makers of The Witcher were criticized during season two for deviating too far from the books. Cavill’s differences also stem from the same as the actor wanted to remain as true to the source material as possible.

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