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Lil Nas X concertgoers throws BIZZARE sexual object at him; Singer reacts

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During Lil Nas X‘s set at the European Lollapalooza in Stockholm, Sweden, a sex toy resembling a vagina was tossed at the rapper’s feet. In an amusing reaction, he jokingly asked, “Who threw their ‘p—y’ onstage?” before continuing with the show. Fortunately, the incident resulted in laughter rather than any harm.

Artists facing strange incidents

Lil Nas X joins a growing list of performers who have encountered peculiar behavior from concertgoers in recent months. In a previous incident, Bebe Rexha was not as fortunate as Lil Nas X when a fan threw their phone at her during a New York City show, hitting her in the face. The singer collapsed and had to receive stitches at the hospital. However, she resumed her tour after a brief recovery period, wearing protective eyewear during subsequent performances.

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Unwanted objects interrupting performances

Kelsea Ballerini also experienced an unfortunate incident when an unidentified item was thrown at her during a show in Boise, Idaho. Momentarily pausing, Ballerini turned away from the stage, spoke with her violinist, and then returned to ask her fans not to throw objects before continuing the concert. Similarly, Pink faced an unexpected occurrence at her performance during the British Summer Time festival in London. A fan threw a bag containing their mother’s ashes onto the stage. Pink picked up the bag and, uncertainly, asked, “Is this your mom?” before proceeding with her set.

These instances of strange objects being hurled at performers during live performances demonstrate the impromptu nature of live performances. Lil Nas X, Bebe Rexha, Kelsea Ballerini, and Pink have demonstrated resiliency in the face of the disruption by quickly adjusting to these circumstances and continuing with their concerts. These performers show their capacity to face unforeseen situations with professionalism, humour, and a drive to provide their fans with an enjoyable experience while they work through these difficulties.

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