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This magical Zipline takes you an hour back in time

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Yes, it is true. The Limite Zero Zipline, also known as Spain to Portugal Zipline is a border crossing zipline that will take you across these two countries. Traveling between countries is very easy through planes, ships or high-speed trains, but this magic zipline is one of the most unique transportation systems that you will ever experience.

As you go from Spain to Portugal, this magical zipline takes you an hour back in time. This magical zipline is known as The Limite Zero Zip Line which was created by David Jarman from England. This Zipline does not work like a time machine; there is a one-hour gap between the time zones of Spain and Portugal. 

Which means, whenever you travel through this zipline, you will go an hour back in time. The Limite Zero Zipline is one of the easiest ways to travel through time zones and enter a different time at the end of your trip.

The Zipline Trip

The starting point of the Zipline is in Sanlucar De Guadiana in Andalucía, Spain and it ends in Alcoutim, Portugal. The Limite Zero Zipline is set up at 2300 feet from the ground and the total journey lasts for around 60 seconds. As soon as you start, the zipline can take you to a speed of around 50mph. Both the countries covered by this magical zipline are separated by the Guadiana River. The Zipline covers a total distance of 720 meters and the total distance that is covered over the Guadiana River is 150 meters.

After landing in Alcoutim, Portugal you can explore the beautiful local countryside. There is a lovely small town where you will find ferries that can take you to different locations, and then back to Zipline. The landing zone and the location of ferry services are close by. The total cost of this Zipline trip including all the ferry services is around 18 Euros.

Source: limitzero

The Unique Experience

The Limite Zero Zip Line has been created using some of the most advanced and unique ideas. Setting up ziplines at such big heights is a difficult task. This zipline also brings and promotes peace among the two countries and attracts tourists with the unique concept of going back in time.

The minimum age limit for this ride is 14 and any minors must be accompanied by parents or adult guidance. The weight restriction is 242 lbs.

Source: limitzero

The experience of traveling through this zipline is one of its kind especially travelling between two countries, and that too, in different time zones within a minute. You must go and have this unique Ziplining experience.

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