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Bryan Abasolo Responds to Estranged Wife Rachel Lindsay’s Recent Claims With New Evidence Amid the Bachelorette Couple’s Divorce

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Bryan Abasolo is providing new evidence in response to Rachel Lindsay’s recent filing. According to documents obtained by PEOPLE, the 44-year-old chiropractor shares his perspective, stating that his estranged wife, the former Bachelorette star, 39, was not surprised by his decision to seek a divorce.

Rachel Lindsay stated that she learned of Bryan Abasolo’s decision to divorce via text in late June. She claimed he texted her, “Hey… I just wanted to let you know that I officially filed,” shortly after leaving their house.

Shift in relationship dynamics: A candid discussion

Lindsay, according to Abasolo, failed to mention that he had informed her via text about his intention to proceed with the separation before filing for divorce. He clarified that Rachel had entered the room because she had expected him to respond to her text when he hadn’t.

When he didn’t respond right away, he claimed she raised her voice, which he characterized as domineering behavior in their relationship. In order to avoid such reactions, he suggested avoiding communication. 

He said he was sorry for not responding to her text and that he wanted to no longer put up with her criticism. He hopes to get out of this situation quickly and regain his dignity. He said that while speaking in front of an impartial third party may be feasible in the future, it is not currently feasible due to challenges that need to be overcome for a while.

Navigating a public breakup: Insights from Bryan and Lindsay

Shortly after he filed for divorce in January, Abasolo posted about their separation on Instagram. Bryan announced at the time that he and Rachel had decided to divorce and start over after more than four years together. He expressed his deep appreciation for family and stated that loving oneself and one’s partner sometimes requires letting go.

To avoid receiving false information from the media, Bryan emphasized the importance of hearing the news directly from him. In closing, he asked that they respect the privacy of their friends and family while deciding what to do next.

Lindsay discussed their breakup on her Higher Learning podcast a few days later. She described it as a difficult time in her life and stated that she was not ready to share many details yet. Lindsay stated that she would discuss it later, but that for the time being, she was taking things day by day.

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