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Boy decides to throw a message in a bottle in the water, 9 years later he gets a huge suprise

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When we as small kids used to go to the beach, many of us dreamed of finding a water bottle with a note inside it. Those notes in our dreams had instructions on “how to unlock our hidden superpowers, or they had treasure maps, or a secret way to unlock a door to some other world”.

Gentlemen, this is a story of Max Vredenburgh who threw a bottle with a message in it, into the ocean at the Rockport Massachusetts beach. And now, almost around 10 years later, he got to know that someone halfway around the world found his message in France. Crazy to know that his water bottle message was found by someone who is 6,000 kilometers away from him? He took it to Twitter. Max’s tweet got a lot of attention from people throughout the world. In less than 2 days, his tweet was liked nearly half a million times and was retweeted over 100,000 times.

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This is not the end! Max identified the person who found his water bottle message via Instagram! Isn’t that amazing? It was an Imgur user who made Max’s post’s viral because he thought Max will feel great that not only the water bottle made it around the world, but also that someone took the time to open it, read the message, and wrote back with detailed maps.

Source: Boredpanda

No one can really believe that a note or message in the water bottle can be found by someone, and even get answered. We can only imagine the journey bottle would have taken to reach where it’s found.

Source: Boredpanda

Humanity’s fascination towards water bottle messages is widely documented and some messages thrown into the oceans hundreds of years ago are found just now. So far, probably the oldest message to be found like this is almost 132 years old. This message was found at a remote beach in West Australia. This water bottle was a part of the German Naval Observatory’s experiment in which German researchers and officers threw thousands of bottles into the ocean. Only 662 messages have returned so far. So, looking for more bottles could be the perfect excuse for you to head towards the beach.

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