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‘Angie’s Great With The Actors’: Jon Voight Shares His Thoughts on Daughter Angelina Jolie And Granddaughter Vivienne’s Tony Award Win

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Angelina Jolie and her daughter Vivienne won their first Tony Award this year for their contributions to the Broadway musical The Outsiders. Jolie and her daughter attended the ceremony and walked the red carpet in matching teal color outfits as they received the prestigious award for co-producing the Broadway show. Recently, Jolie’s father, Jon Voight, reacted to their big wins.

Voight revealed that he’s “proud” of his granddaughter and his daughter for their award success, noting that Jolie encourages her kids to follow their passion. Read on further to know more details.

Jon Voight shares his views on Angelina Jolie and Vivienne’s first Tony Awards wins

Jon Voight recently reacted to his daughter Angelina Jolie and granddaughter Vivienne’s Tony Awards win. The legendary actor told TMZ he’s “proud” of them for winning the award.

Jolie, who served as the producer, and her daughter, who was her assistant for the Broadway show, took the stage with the cast and crew of The Outsiders as the production won the award for Best Musical during The 77th Annual Tony Awards.

“It’s amazing,” Voight told the outlet, noting that his granddaughter’s enthusiasm for the play revealed a side of her that her daughter had “never seen before.” He said he’s “very proud” of Vivienne and Jolie, noting that she encourages her kids “to be what they want to be.”


The 85-year-old actor recounted how the Maleficent actress told him she got involved with the project after her daughter watched a production of The Outsiders multiple times and read the book. 

Voight said, “She went down four times and said, ‘Mom, you’ve got to see this.’ Angie was very interested.” He continued, “Angie, I’m sure, contributed to some of it, especially with the actors. Angie’s great with the actors.”

Jon Voight said his daughter Angelina Jolie eventually called him to share that she had signed on to work on the Broadway play after being convinced by her daughter Vivienne.

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When Angelina Jolie revealed how she got involved in the Broadway musical The Outsiders

In a previous interview with Deadline, Angeline Jolie opened up about how she got involved in the Broadway musical The Outsiders with her daughter Vivienne. Jolie explained that her daughter Vivienne’s deep appreciation and “love” for theater, particularly The Outsiders, led to her involvement in the Broadway musical.

She revealed that her daughter saw the play multiple times at La Jolla and shared her enthusiasm with her, noting that she had read the book and seen the film years ago.

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The Eternals actress shared that she noticed how deeply the story affected her daughter and understood why it was so important to her, and it inspired her to support the show. She said, “I had the privilege of watching everyone work over this last year to make it into what it is, and Vivienne has been there the whole way.”

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