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World’s first guitar-shaped hotel opens its doors in Florida

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The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida has finally launched the World’s first Guitar shaped hotel. This 1.5-billion-dollars expansion project is around 450 feet tall and shaped like a Rock n Roll guitar. At night, the strings of the guitar on the front side of this luxury hotel will shine and mimic the actual strings of a guitar which is another one of its kind features that have never been seen before.

The Guitar Hotel

This hotel is a great step forward for the Seminole Hard Rock company and its empire in South Florida. The construction of this luxury hotel started back in 2007 and it took more than 10 years to finally create this masterpiece. The hotel has more than 600 rooms and has been furnished to work as a venue for all types of concerts and events. For the very first week after its opening, every single room has been pre-booked as everyone is rushing to witness this record-breaking hotel and its architecture.

The Hard Rock brand has always been a dominating brand over the years and a successful one as well. The Seminole Hard Rock Guitar Hotel is an expansion project in Florida with casino floors, luxury suites, day pools, clubs, man-made lakes, apartments, 13.5 acres of waterscapes and everything that a 5 or 7-star hotel can offer. There are a total of 14 different restaurants around the large property with huge lounging and dining areas. You can also witness the 12,000 feet rooftop bar with different types of stores and convention places.

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The Grand Opening

The grand opening of this hotel saw many celebrities in attendance. It included a light show, red carpet entrances and live music performances from famous bands and singers. The grand opening week also included mermaids around the pool lagoons, jet pack stunts and acrobatic shows. The LED show was the main attraction of the opening celebration which was like a guitar smash in a concert. The CEO of Seminole Gaming and the Chairman of Hardrock International welcomed everyone to this unique architectural marvel.

Source: Archpaper

The Luxurious Suites

This architectural wonder also includes some of the most royal and sophisticated suites. You will find extra-plush carpets, artworks, custom-designed beds and all types of luxurious amenities here. Here are some different types of suites in The Guitar Hotel:

– The Junior King Suite has some great views and a total spacing of 860 sq. feet.

– Next is the Platinum Suite which is 1,090 sq. ft.

– The Luxury King Suite comes in third which has an area of 760 sq. ft.

– Then there are the Deluxe King and Deluxe Queen Suites which are 520 sq. ft. and are perfect for 4 people. 

This first of its kind project is going to expand even further for two different Florida Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos which is estimated to cost around 2.2 Billion dollars. The CEO of the Hard Rock brand has assured that the Guitar Hotel is more than just a normal hotel serving food and beverages. This one of its kind Guitar Hotel represents brilliance in the heart of Hollywood.

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