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Why was Taylor Swift fined $3000 by the New York City? Here’s the reason why

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Taylor Swift’s lavish Tribeca townhouse is making headlines, but it’s not for her glamorous lifestyle or chart-topping hits. The pop sensation has found herself caught in a battle with the city’s Sanitation Department, and it’s starting to get messy!

Since her purchase of the stunning three-story abode at 153 Franklin St. back in 2017 for a whopping $18 million, Swift has been slapped with a jaw-dropping 32 tickets. This has been due to the fact that she has been neglecting to keep the sidewalks in front of her building clean. According to official city records, these violations have resulted in a hefty sum of $3,010 in fines.

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Why the fines against Taylor Swift?

Despite her busy schedule and global success, Taylor Swift has decided to fight the charges. With an estimated net worth of $570 million, the singer has taken the time and effort, along with the support of her legal team, to address these issues.

Between January 2018 and January 2023, Swift received 32 tickets totaling $3,010 for various violations related to the cleanliness of the area in front of her townhouse in Tribeca. These violations included failure to clean the sidewalk, having a dirty sidewalk, and improper disposal of garbage.

According to the summons, the items found in the vicinity of her building ranged from piles of newspapers, bottles, and cardboard to napkins, wrappers, scattered ashtray contents, and a cigarette carton. The Bad Blood singer’s diligence in contesting these fines resulted in a reduction of $200

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How did the Taylor Swift’s Fans react to the news?

Swifties have come to her defense amid the sanitation ticket controversy, placing the blame on the paparazzi and eager fans who gather on Franklin Street hoping to catch a glimpse of the superstar.

Swift’s supporters argue that the garbage pile-ups could be attributed to fans waiting for her and engaging in activities like smoking while passing the time. They emphasize that Swift herself does not smoke.

Even David Aldea, Swift’s former landlord, expressed surprise at the situation, describing her as a perfect tenant and praising her pleasant demeanor. Aldea, a former executive at Soho House, had only positive things to say about Swift.

According to city records, since purchasing the townhouse, Swift’s property has received the highest number of sanitation tickets among all the buildings on the block.

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