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Jo Lindner: YouTube bodybuilding star Joesthetics ‘dies of aneurysm age 30’ | Ents & Arts News

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A YouTube bodybuilding star known as Joesthetics has died at the age of 30, according to posts shared on social media by his friends and girlfriend.

German fitness influencer Jo Lindner, who had 8.5million followers on Instagram and almost 500 million views on his YouTube channel, suffered an aneurysm on Friday according to his girlfriend Nicha.

Earlier in June, in an interview for an episode of fellow YouTuber Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk, he spoke about having rippling muscle disease, a condition in which muscles are unusually sensitive to movement or pressure. “Technically, it’s a cramp,” he told Martyn.

Paying tribute on Instagram, Nicha shared several photographs and videos, and said she was with him when he fell ill.

“He was in my arms.. than this is just happening too fast,” she wrote, before going on to say he had complained of neck pain in the few days prior to his death.

She described Lindner as “sweet”, “strong” and an “amazing and incredible person in this world”.

Nicha added: “And he is the believer in EVERYONE… specially ME he believes in me that I could be better and be someone in this world.”

She finished her tribute by asking fans to “please remember him as Joesthetics”.

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Lindner’s friend and fellow bodybuilder Noel Deyzel also paid tribute, sharing a photo of the pair together and writing: “Rest in peace Jo. I love you man.”

In statement shared in his Instagram stories, Deyzel assured his followers that the news was not a joke, and said Lindner’s mother wanted people to be informed of his death.

“Please keep Jo and his loved ones in your prayers,” he wrote. In a later post, he added: “With all of this I just know Jo would want us all to just keep going and pushing.

“He always said that to me ‘keep going brazzer, do more, work harder” in his strong German accent. That’s what he lived for man, he pushed so many of us to be our best without expecting anything in return.

“He genuinely cared. So bros just please keep going and keep pushing for Jo.”

Martyn also paid tribute, describing Lindner as “one of the most sincere creators I had ever met”, and adding: “The world is going to miss you brother!”

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