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Why must you never wear shoes in the house?

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After working all day long, it gets difficult even to muster the energy to remove your shoes. It happens quite usually because you are tired, or maybe you are just lazy to remove them. However, it is something which you must not take lightly; here are a few reasons that you must implicate a “no shoes inside your house” rule immediately.

Reasons for no shoes inside home:

The microorganisms find their way to your home 

It is the foremost reason why you must wear your outdoor shoes or any other footwear inside your home. The harmful bacteria can easily stick to the soles of your shoes in the form of animal feces, sewage water, or mud and will enter your house premises. The best way of eliminating this risk is by washing your shoes regularly with detergent water.

Your shoes might ruin your floor with time 

Wearing heels or hard shoes are quite harsh on the floor than slippers or socks. So they might end up scratching your hardwood with time. Also, don’t forget that shoes also have small particles of soil, debris, or grit in them that can cause wear and tear of the carpet.

Your shoes also have dirt in them

Dust from the outside can end up landing in your home, which is not just harmful to you but also for your kids. The babies are always playing on the floor, so there is a high chance they eat with the same hands, causing dangerous health effects. When the babies are at the crawling stage, they crawl on the floor, which is quite harmful to their health. Thus, the best way is to remove your footwear outside the door to protect everyone’s health. The other way is to keep two doormats at the door, one inside and one outside to double-check on the entrance of dirt in the house.

Your shoes might also have toxic pollutants in them

According to a few research, chemicals from the lawns or the roads have cancer-causing agents that can easily enter your house with the help of the footwear. They settle in corners of your home and work slowly to harm the people living in the house. Thus, the best way to get rid of harmful material entering your house is by slipping off your shoes on the outside.


Removing your shoes won’t work if the doormats of your house are dirty and are not cleaned regularly. Thus, it is best to clean your shoes, doormats, and the floors of the house with the best cleaning agents to live a healthy and safe life. If you have a vacuum cleaner, then it would be even easier for you to clean the mats from the inside.

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