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How to use your boarding pass for extra discounts while on vacation?

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Boarding passes have long been nothing more than a scrap of paper to get a flyer onto a plane and seated, but some of them now offer a host of bonuses for those who keep them. At least four airlines have found ways to help their customers enjoy their destinations better by giving them bonus discounts when they show their pass at certain locations. Not widely advertised everywhere, they can still offer a wonderful way to explore a new country without spending too much.

There is plenty to do in Southeast Asia, and Singapore Airlines can help knock off some of the expenses when doing it. They offer a Destination Privileges card that is good for discounts at local shops in Burnside Village and Adelaide Casino. For those who want to do the RoofClimb at Commonwealth Bank as part of the Adelaide Oval Tour, free sounds pretty good.

The price of food and hotels can also be part of the package for those seeking discounts. Singapore Airlines has brokered discounts with local restaurants and hotels in the city of Singapore. There are also city tours and gallery that honor the pass for discounts, and even some safaris for those into big game.

The beauty and history of Rome have become legendary all over the world, so Alitalia has found ways to help their clients make the most of their stay. There are plenty of galleries and museums across the city where a boarding pass will discount the price. Admiring all those beautiful pieces of art can be within easier reach for those enjoying the city on a budget.

Any travel company knows that there is more to life than just walking through museums and eating, so Alaska Airlines has a unique discount program for their clients. There are twelve ski resorts across Canada and the United States where their boarding pass will provide one free day of skiing for the lucky traveler who wants to get some exercise while enjoying the slopes.

The National Theater of Korea is one place many tourists love to visit, and a boarding pass from Korean Air is good for a discount along with select restaurants and even transportation. While their pass is only good for seven days, it can also provide discounts at places like the Korean Folk village, Samsung Everland and Lotte World. This airlines flies to destinations all over the world, and their pass can also be used in Australia, Russia, Japan and the USA for anywhere between ten and thirty days for select discounts.

Few people realize how much they can save with these types of discounts, but they can make a measurable difference for those traveling on a budget. While these are some great discounts, checking with every airline could be a good way to plan a trip that provides plenty of extras to see and do without watching the bank account go bust. Before boarding, check the homepage of each airline to see what they offer, or check with a travel agent to see if any discounts are available.

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