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Man sings in his kayak, then an animal pops up below him and sings with him

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For a lot of people, spotting whales and dolphins is a dream. A lot of tourists do this when they are on vacation in Canada. 

There are also special trips, where you camp for 3 days near the water and take a kayak every day to look for these beautiful mammals.

Of course, it is always uncertain whether or not you are actually going to see something, hence a lot of people go home disappointed that they have not seen anything.

The singing man in the hilarious video at the end of this article did clearly not have to deal with this, as he had a very special encounter.

Whales are known for their ability to “sing”, but only one is known as the canary of the sea, that is, the beluga whale.

Source: Youtube

They communicate through 11 different high tones that resemble bird sounds. Beluga whales are so talkative that they are among the most social animals.

They are very rare and only occur in the waters around Canada and the North Pole, which makes the encounter in the video extra special.

Rumor has it that when you sing by the water the beluga whales hear you and come to see you when they are around.

That is why this man, named Paul English, went with his kayak to the Churchill River in search of the beluga whale.

Before that, he had invented a hilarious song made to get their attention.

After less than 5 minutes of singing, he felt something banging against his kayak.

Huge air bubbles rose next to his kayak, and suddenly the whale lay beside the boat.

The animal began to push the kayak forward with its nose.

Source: YouTube

The animal apparently liked it very much, because he kept playing with the man and his kayak for an entire hour.

That is why the man decided to go one step further.

To get closer and get a good picture of the special animal, he quickly put on a diving suit and jumped in.

Source: YouTube

Afterwards Paul joked about this when he said: “Forget the BBC television series Blue Planet, with my GoPro on my head I made my own nature film and I call it WHOO Planet”

Still we can agree with Paul, because the underwater images are really amazing.

Once underwater, Paul looked around and to his surprise saw about 10 beluga whales.

He started singing here again too, and it wasn’t long before all the whales began to participate in Paul’s melody.

Afterwards, Paul said “I probably won’t sell many albums of these two beautiful songs, but nobody will take this great experience away from me.”

Watch the video below:

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