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10 Bizarre photos of animals being tired of tourists

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Pets are often considered ‘our’ best friends. They are loyal, calm, release us from loneliness and make people laugh. There is a good reason why so many people are loving animals.

However, ‘wild’ animals are different from pets. They are not always used in the presence of people. And that can often lead to special scenes in tourist resorts. In the following photo series, we see ten situations in which tourists experience anxious moments…

With a cheetah in the car

Unsuspectingly, this Irish man took a seat in a jeep during a vacation in Kenya, as he was driving through a beautiful safari park with a guide. Then, the man was ‘suddenly’ being surprised by a cheetah jumping onto the backseat of the car right out of the blue. The guide managed to take a picture of the remarkable scene and surprise of the man is written all over his face… Fortunately, the encounter ended well for both parties!

Jumped upon by dozens of monkeys

Source: Youtube

The photo above was taken in the Monkey Forest which is located in Ubud, on the Indonesian island of Bali. Visitors can move freely through this ‘park’, at which they are regularly being ‘attacked’ by dozens of monkeys. Just like this young man in the picture above. In this ‘forest,’ there are more than 600 of these friendly, cheeky and friendly animals. However, the reason why they climbed the man is his twenties remains a mystery to us.

An elephant’s trunk in your face

Source: Youtube

There are various elephant parks in Asia, where the animals are cared for and protected. The massive animals can walk around there in complete freedom and, therefore, do have access to an enormous area.

These beautiful parks are visited daily by many tourists, who like to see and touch the animals under the guidance of their caretakers. The lady in this photo is one of them. She received a special greeting…

A curious baboon family

Source: Youtube

Driving in the South African Cape Town is not always fun. When the lady above drove her dark red car near a park close to the city, she was soon noticed by a group of baboons.

The smart, cheeky monkey family was hungry and looking for a tasty snack. Normally, these monkeys would roam through rubbish bins, but this time they decided to study the roof box of the car, hoping to find something edible there.

Dolphin vs. Ipad

Source: Youtube

SeaWorld Orlando is one of the most famous parks in the world. It consists of an amusement park and an animal park, where, among other things, orcas, walruses, and dolphins live. Many of the animals entertain visitors with various tricks and shows.

The photo above shows a group of visitors on the edge of a pool for dolphins. One of the visitors is not paying attention enough and stands – holding an Ipad in her hand – on the edge of the water to make a good picture. Unfortunately for the woman, a dolphin has noticed the shiny device, grabbed it off her hands, and took it down underwater…

Ram vs. photographer

Source: Youtube

After this photographer had taken quite a few snapshots of the ram in its natural habitat at an appropriate distance, he decided to take a quick look at his camera. With his head down, he looked at his screen: had the photos been successful?

However, the ram had noticed the man and then sneaked into the picture. A fellow photographer then took the above photo, which looks pretty threatening.

Giraffe photobombs romantic picture

Source: Youtube

This couple decided to visit a safari park about an hour away from their home during a vacation. During the stay, the two thought it would be nice to have a photo taken close by the giraffes. The young lady asked another visitor to take the picture.

At the time the above photo was taken, one of the giraffes thought it would be fun to photobomb the picture. And so the young lady did not end up in the picture with her boyfriend, but with a giraffe, who, in addition, also stuck out its tongue.

Nice pickled herring

Tourists who worship the Netherlands with a visit should all have tried raw herring with onions. It is a typical Dutch delicacy. The boy we see in the photo above also seemed to like giving the idea a try.

Holding up the ‘Hollandse Nieuwe’, he poses for the camera. What he does not realize, however, is that a cheeky seagull had been watching his every move for quite some time. And it finally decided to attack at the right time

A visit to the petting zoo

Source: Youtube

Animal farms are a great place for the young and old. There is a wide variety of (child-friendly) animals to be found, including sheep, pigs, and rabbits, for example. Young calves also tend to walk around during certain seasons.

These young calves often enjoy chewing on visitor’s clothes, for instance. The woman in this photo soon found out, too. She did not expect that. Shocked, she watches her hand disappear…

Funny horse

Source: Youtube

The teenager above thought about taking a horse ride in a meadow and to pet the beautiful animal. She just had not seen the gorgeous horse for a while. The animal wanted to cuddle, but it did show the enthusiasm a little too much, however. At full speed, the horse ran towards the girl. She didn’t know how to best get out of the way quickly enough…

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