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Healthroots: Reviving traditional medicine with contemporary evidence

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Ayurveda, derived from two Sanskrit words Ayur which means life, and Veda which means science has long historical roots. The traditional medicine system which is native to India, has a wide spectrum of natural and holistic approaches that provide treatments to numerous physical and mental health problems. In today’s world, Ayurveda has been blending itself with modern lifestyle to help individuals lead healthy, stress-free, and disease-free life. Owing to this many, brands have been working toward restoring the balance between an individual’s mind, body and spirit and one such company is Healthroots.

Out there are multiple herbs, however, only a limited number of them have stood the test and have gained widespread acceptance with an accumulation of neo-scientific evidence. In order to bring all those herbs to individuals’ life, Healthroots has been working round the clock and putting forth the best herbal medicines from around the world. The brand works with the motive of delivering nature’s healing wisdom in a ‘Safer, Sustainable and Affordable’ manner. Giving safety the top most priority all their products are made with the purest ingredients on Earth with keeping affordability in mind and are available to every person around the world despite the location.

The inception of Healthroots is done under a group of professional doctors who have spent a lot of time doing extensive research in the past years to understand the usage of herbs in treating various chronic illnesses. Along with that their research also included the study of many papers to find the finest herbal formulations used around the globe and bring them to India. For example, in the Canadian headache association, a herb named Butterbur has a strong suggestion for preventing headaches and Healthroots provides a highly purified form of this under the name Migoherb. Another example is the Siberian herb, Rhodiola which was used by Soviet soldiers to improve stamina, fatigue and alleviate stress back in the days of World War 2. Now in the present day where stress has been one of the biggest factors for various health issues, Healthroots is providing a medicine by the name Redrive Am which is made from Rhodiola herb. Their main focus is to cure diseases including the primary headache disorder: Migraine, Arthritis, metabolic disorder: Diabetes and IBS Irritable bowel syndrome.

Sharing the story behind Healthroots’s inception, the founder says, “I am a doctor by profession and unfortunately was a migraine patient too. Sometimes, the migraine headaches used to get out of hand and it got very much frustrating to not have any solution. But one day, a fellow doctor from the USA suggested using a herbal remedy to stop these headaches. With reluctance, I gave the recommended supplements a try, but to my surprise, they were successful in helping me control the migraine. I further suggested it to my other friends and family, all this enticed me even more towards the world of Ayurveda. Therefore, with a team of field experts, the brand was conceptualised and brought to life.“

Healthroots works on the principles of purity, potency and integrity. It’s due to these values that the team has been successful in curating a vast product range that blends ancient herbs with modern progressive research. Constant efforts and determination to put forth the best results while maintaining harmony with the environment are what have assisted team Healthroots in getting phenomenal results. They quality check each and every ingredient so that a user gets everything that is necessary to cure their problem at reasonable prices as compared to other drug counterparts. In the upcoming time, they aim to bring Ayurvedic cures to many other diseases.

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