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Days of our Lives Spoilers June 29 2023: Will Leo ever hold peace? Check out his outburst in latest episode

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Days of our Lives’ Thursday’s episode is packed with intense moments as Leo takes a firm stand against Dimitri’s presence in Gwen’s life. Amidst the escalating tension, Leo’s objections reach a crescendo, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. Don’t miss out on the captivating drama that ensues in the latest episode!

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Days of our Lives Spoilers Highlights for June 29

In the latest episode of Days of our Lives on June 29th, tensions rise as Leo, portrayed by Greg Rikaart, takes a bold step to voice his objections to an impending engagement. With unwavering conviction, Leo confronts Dimitri, played by Peter Porte, in a passionate and loud manner. He demands that Dimitri drop the ring and keep his distance from Gwen, Leo’s best friend. Leo is determined to put an end to any potential mischief, both now and in the future.

However, Leo’s interference doesn’t hold the power to determine Gwen’s future. Dimitri, driven by the desire to claim a fortune, needs a bride by his side. He uses his charm and masterful acts to win Gwen over, saying and doing everything right. Gwen may find it difficult to resist Dimitri’s captivating romance, as he knows how to pull out all the stops to make a lasting impression.

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Revisiting Love

In the latest turn of events on Days of our Lives, Xander, played by Paul Telfer, is prepared to move on, not just from Gwen but also from his past love interests. He has a sincere discussion with Chloe, portrayed by Nadia Bjorlin, as they both pledge to let go of their previous romantic attachments and focus on the future. Witness this significant moment as Xander and Chloe embark on a journey of personal growth, leaving their romantic history behind.

Meanwhile, Tripp (Lucas Adams) and Wendy (Victoria Grace) attempt to enjoy their date but encounter an unexpected interruption. Just as they start getting into the groove, Johnny (Carson Boatman) makes an appearance, throwing a wrench into their plans. Now faced with a third wheel, the question remains: How will they handle this unexpected situation?

Days of our Lives Spoilers: A Dangerous Reveal

At the police station, Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) is eager to share something significant with her brother, Colin. Whether it’s about his ex’s newfound freedom, Abe’s (James Reynolds) impending fate, or a personal matter, one thing is certain, Colin will not take it lightly. The suspense builds as viewers anticipate the explosive revelation that awaits. Stay tuned to witness the intense reaction as Sloan discloses this crucial information to Colin on Days of Our Lives.

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