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Chloe Fineman Reveals The ‘Weird’ Thing That Got Her Acting Offer From Francis Ford Coppola For Megalopolis

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Chloe Fineman bagged a Francis Ford Coppola movie with *drumrolls* Melania Trump impression! The Saturday Night Live star, famous for her celebrity impressions, is cast in Ford’s upcoming Sci-Fi film Megalopolis and has Melania Trump to thank. Fineman also talked about transitioning from performing live comedy sketches to playing a dramatic role. 


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Chloe Fineman on being cast in Megalopolis

During Variety’s Actor On Actor interview with fellow comedian Hannah Einbinder, Fineman revealed the unconventional way she got cast in Francis Ford Coppola’s film. “It was 2019. I was [performing a sketch of] Ivana Trump and Melania FaceTiming. And I guess Francis was there, and he offered it from my weird Melania thing,” she recalled. “Sometimes people go to weird shows that you don’t expect.”

Einbinder hilariously reacted to the story and said, “Wait. Queen, you’re in a Francis Ford Coppola movie? What the h?”


Fineman felt natural playing a dramatic role 

Talking about transitioning from performing comedic sketches to acting in a film, the SNL star told Einbinder that she felt “more at home” with acting. She revealed that acting was always something she loved, and it wasn’t until her late 20s she tried her hand at comedy. 


“I didn’t do my first comedy show until I was 27. I didn’t get SNL until 30. So for me, it was back to what I love,” Fineman added. 

She appeared on many shows before landing a role on SNL, including Mozart in the Jungle, Grown-ish, and Jane the Virgin. However, her claim to fame was her impeccable impressions of celebrities like Meryl Streep, Jennifer Coolidge, Drew Barrymore, Britney Spears, and Nicole Kidman, among many others. 

Megalopolis premiered at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, but it isn’t the only film that has added to Finaman’s credits this year. She is also starring in the upcoming fourth sequel of the animated movie Despicable Me, which will be released theatrically on July 3. 


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