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Buy cheap airline tickets, how do you do that? We have 3 tips!

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The most expensive part of your trip is usually the airline tickets. Flying is and will always be expensive. Especially now that the demand for airline tickets is increasing, since people go on holiday more every year, make a city trip or do a foreign business trip.

To answer the question ‘How do you fly the cheapest?’ we have collected three useful tips from the annual Momondo flight study that should help you!

Number 3: The time you fly

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Many people want to fly early, so they have a full day to spend at their destination. That is why these tickets are much more expensive than those in the after noon. If you book a flight between 04:00 and 12:00 it is about 33% more expensive than if you booked a flight between 12:00 and 14:00. In addition, this also has other advantages: you can get some extra sleep, you arrive on your vacation well-rested. If you book an evening flight, it is often much more expensive.

Number 2: Best days to fly

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There is a lot of difference between the price of different days. If you want to go to another continent, it’s a good idea to fly on a Sunday instead of a Saturday. That makes things about 36% cheaper, so for that one day, it is definitely worth it! So always check out several departing days before you book a flight.

The cheapest day to fly within the same continent is Friday. You probably did not expect this, because flying on Friday has just so many advantages, especially for city trips. You then have the entire weekend included, so you have to take off fewer days. The survey shows that on average you pay 13% less for a ticket than on any other day. Sunday is the most expensive day to fly in Europe.

Number 1: Book your flight well in advance

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If you want to take a trip to another continent, it appears that you can book your plane tickets 5 months in advance. Compared to the most expensive booking moment, you have the advantage of an offer that is 37% cheaper.

Within the same continent, you can book an airline ticket one month in advance. That is 38% cheaper than at the most expensive prices.

Obviously, a ticket during the low season is much cheaper, so if you have the chance to go on vacation in the off-holiday season, you should definitely do so.

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