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Which Miss Universe 2023 contestant is plus-size? Exploring her historic debut and pageant journey

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Miss Universe is the world-acclaimed beauty pageant for which the entire globe awaits to begin. From cultural inclusivity to all things beauty, it surely is a benchmark for inspiring women to be who they are and often takes a viral hit for one or another reason. El Salvador hosted a spectacular show this November as models from 84 countries compete for the coveted title of Miss Universe 2023.

This year, 84 contestants from all over the world competed for the title of Miss Universe in the 72nd annual pageant, a renowned competition that has previously awarded famous winners such as Olivia Culpo in 2012. This year, Miss Universe undoubtedly defied many prejudices that had been formed around the event over the years. Miss Universe 2023 will be remembered for its transgender contenders and plus-size models. Speaking of plus-size models, Nepal broke all stereotypes of slender-looking models and was represented by a beautiful and confident plus-size model making a mark that will undeniably make a mark.

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Which Miss Universe participant made a plus-size debut?

Jane Dipika Garrett, Miss Nepal, is the first plus-sized model to compete in the worldwide competition, Miss Universe 2023. Garrett instantly became a fan favorite as she walked the runway during the preliminary round on Wednesday, November 15, in El Salvador. However, Garett’s inclusion sparked an immediate uproar.

Her participation in Miss Universe not only promotes diversity but also body positivity. Jane emerges as a prominent protagonist in the body-positive movement, aggressively rejecting beauty contest conventions. Her conviction that all beauty, regardless of size, needs to be represented and celebrated in the fashion and beauty sectors has been a recurring topic throughout her reign as Miss Nepal.

Miss Nepal Jane Dipika Garette pageant journey

Jane Dipika Garrett defeated 20 other contenders to become Miss Universe Nepal. Her charisma and support for hormonal health/PCOS awareness, mental health, and body positivity revealed her commitment to holistic well-being above and beyond conventional beauty standards, and she was a natural fit for her position. She freely recounts her issues with weight gain and subsequent PCOS diagnosis as a nursing student from Kathmandu, remaining confident despite these hurdles.

Garette, who is only 22 years old, is representing Nepal and fighting prejudices in the world’s most prestigious beauty pageant. She is half-American and defines herself as a proponent of body positivity. In an interview with Hola magazine, she said, “As a curvy woman who doesn’t follow certain beauty standards, I’m here to represent all women. A few years ago, I was an insecure person with low self-esteem. I love myself now, and that is success for  me.

Her involvement in the world’s most famous beauty pageant will be a victory for body positivity and representation, especially given that the Miss Nepal winner had previously suffered from body image issues.

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