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Was Shakira ‘betrayed’ by ex Gerard Piqué while her dad was in the ICU?

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Shakira is now opening up about her past year, that by her own admission hasn’t been the easiest one for her. In the last year alone, she has had her relationship with Gerard Piqué disintegrate, someone with whom she has had two kids. She also had to deal with her father’s hospitalization after a nearly fatal accident. Both these things happening around the same time didn’t help the matter either.

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Shakira’s year of difficulties

While talking with People, the Wakka Wakka singer revealed how, when her dad had come to console her during her separation from partner Gerard Piqué, he had met with an accident. The accident was so severe that it had left him hospitalized and in need of her constant care. 

It was during this time, that the charbusting singer had to find out about her partner’s betrayal. While Shakira was struggling with the health of her father, her former partner was cheating on her with a woman named Clara Chia Marti, someone with whom he is now engaged. 

The emotional weight of her father’s failing health and her husband’s betrayal seemed to weigh heavy on the Hips Don’t Lie singer. 

Shakira’s road to recovery

It’s said that the brave come out of adversity even stronger. Something similar happened with Shakira, who bravely dealt with all the tragedies that life had thrown at her last year.

The Beautiful Liar singer was quick to admit that the recovery hasn’t been easy and was in fact quite a slow and painful process, but her resilience to fight with them has given her immense strength.

Shakira and her family were able to celebrate her father’s 91st birthday in September, for which she was very glad. While ruefully admitting that she couldn’t have a loving marriage of her own, she hopes that her children see their grandparents as an example of a marriage built on great foundation, trust, and resilience. 

Despite her difficulties, Shakira has tried to shield her children from all the media scrutiny that has chased her for the last year. On this regard, both Shakira and her former partner Gerard Piqué have worked hard on.

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