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Twinkle Khanna says Deepika Padukone’s idea may save women from ‘marrying dogs’ as she defends KWK 8 comment

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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh kicked off the latest season of Koffee with Karan, marking their first joint appearance on the show. Deepika’s remarks on casual dating during a conversation about her personal life on Karan Johar’s couch stirred controversy and drew criticism from some segments of the audience. In a supportive response, Twinkle Khanna has stepped forward to defend Deepika, highlighting how her approach might serve as a positive influence for many women.

Twinkle Khanna supports Deepika Padukone’s idea of making an ‘informed choice’

In her column for the Times of India and on her Instagram, Twinkle Khanna addressed the prevailing mindset in the country, offering a critique. She pointed out the irony that in India, it might be deemed acceptable to marry a tree or even a dog, but not someone of the same gender.

Twinkle recounted an incident where a neighborhood aunty informed her that a girl in their building, considered ‘Manglik’, was being married off to a Pomeranian. Initially skeptical, Twinkle was shown a news item reporting a similar case in Jharkhand, where a girl had married a stray dog named Sheru. According to the aunty, this was done to transfer the bad luck from the girl’s horoscope to the dog, ensuring a prosperous future when she eventually married a man.

Adding her perspective, Twinkle remarked, “While we wait for the day when legislators stop barking up the wrong tree and legalize same-sex marriages, I suppose Deepika’s idea of making an informed choice may save a lot of women from marrying dogs, and more commonly, frogs in princely robes.”

Twinkle Khanna finds Deepika Padukone’s approach ‘logical’

Twinkle Khanna expressed her support for Deepika Padukone‘s approach to choosing a life partner, finding it quite logical. Drawing an analogy, she said, “Suppose you want to buy a couch, wouldn’t you go to the store to figure out which one feels nice and bouncy, which has a comfortable backrest and which fabric doesn’t make your skin itch?” She highlighted the irony that, in contrast, when it comes to selecting a life partner, one is often expected to make a choice without exploring alternatives.

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