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This oasis in the desert will leave you speechless

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Ever wanted to see something surreal and jaw-dropping? Then, pack your bags, head to the wondrous village of Huacachina! Set right at the heart of a Peruvian desert oasis is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Mesmerizing and one-of-a-kind, this desert oasis will surely leave you speechless and in awe.

Voted as a regional conservation area, this desert mirage is located perfectly in Peru’s Ica province, which is five hours from Lima. And, despite its remote and unusual location, the town has a resident population of a hundred people.

 Of course, this oasis draws tons of tourists every day. With its extraordinary natural beauty, Huacachina has turned into a popularintriguing and enthralling must-visit attraction in Peru.

Surrounded beautifully by palms and vegetation, the town is also home to a number of infrastructures to support its booming tourism sector.

Huacachina has a host of fun activities

Source: Pixabay

Even with its small and remote location, the town amazingly has a variety of attractions and diversions to offer. For one, you may cruise around the oasis and admire the gorgeous outlines of the surrounding curving sand dunes.

For a $50 an hour, you may rent a buggy and cruise over the dunes. Alternatively, you may join a group tour for this desert adventure.

If you consider yourself a certified adrenaline junkie, we suggest that you go sandboarding on the surrounding dunes. You’ll find tons of steep dunes and bumps to bomb down near the town.

Fancy a hike? There are numerous tall dunes that you may conquer. Take note, though, that climbing over sand requires some hustle and hard work.

Afterward, look for a prime spot and enjoy the breathtaking view as the sun starts to dip down behind the sand dunes.

Source: Pexels
Source: Pexels

A great way to end a perfect day in Huacachina is to unwind at a hostel or hotel. And, there’s a nice selection of places to stay in Huacachina, including Desert Nights Ecocamp, Banana’s Adventure and Upcycled Hostel.

There’s a mermaid in Huacachina

According to local folklore, Huacay China, a young maiden, fell in love with a mighty warrior. Unfortunately, the warrior died, and she began weeping once she heard of this death.

She, then, went to their meeting point. And, as she looked in the mirror, the young maiden saw the fallen warrior. She was so terrified that she dropped the mirror when she ran.

The mirror, ultimately, became this desert lagoon, and the maiden dived in, turning herself into a mermaid.

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