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The Intraocular Lens you choose matters: Why you should choose EDOF?

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Extended depth-of-focus (EDOF) is a new technology and holds promise for many people who desire to be spectacle free following cataract surgery, without facing the challenges associated with some other lenses that allow a wide range of viewing distances.

Almost everyone will develop cataract sooner or later around the age of 50-60 years. Most people will also need glasses for near vision after 40 years. So far, cataract surgery was aimed at removing the natural cloudy lens and replacing it with an artificial lens due to which spectacles were required for near and intermediate vision. But now, the latest EDOF Lens not only corrects distance vision but also provides better near and intermediate range vision which results in reduced dependence on spectacles for most routine activities.

In comparison to Multifocal (MF) IOLs, EDOF lenses create a single elongated focal point, rather than several foci, to enhance depth of focus.

The EDOF IOLs is designed to extend the range of vision, including far, intermediate and near vision. This lens strengthens the spectrum of focus and provides clear vision at different distances. Because light is not focused at two distinct points, patients notice a smooth transition from far to near with reduced glare and halos. The lenses offer sharp vision over a wide range, allowing you to see objects clearly at different distances from far to intermediate: approximately at arm’s length.

It also enables you to perform a broad spectrum of activities without visual aid, including sports, socializing, cleaning, cooking, shopping and other typical home and garden tasks, also working on the computer, watching TV or driving a car. The daily tasks become easier and more enjoyable and day-to-day activities can be fulfilled without needing to wear prescription glasses, however, reading glasses may be necessary for fine print and precision work. So basically your dependency on glasses is made minimal to nil.

How do EDOF lenses help patients?

Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) lenses offer increased freedom from glasses while at the same time reducing visual side effects typically associated with multifocal IOLs. In some cases, patients are more, others less sensitive to these light phenomena, most of which may be experienced as halos or glare around light sources, especially at night.

On the contrary patients with EDOF lenses generally enjoy good night vision, which is particularly important for driving after sunset. The clear and reliable visual performance that EDOF lenses provide also gives patients a feeling of added comfort and safety.

It also offers an excellent fit for individuals wishing to maintain an active lifestyle at an older age, as well as those interested in an EDOF IOL that perfectly combines greater freedom from spectacles for most daily activities with high vision comfort during day and night.

Consult your ophthalmologist to see if an EDOF IOL might also be right for your eyes.

Your ophthalmologist will assess your suitability for each type of lens, by taking your detailed case history in order to assess whether these lenses are likely to benefit you. Your eye will also be examined and a specific test should be performed to identify the options available to you. Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals proudly announces this breakthrough technology for the benefit of our patients. We keep trying to improve the quality of vision and life for our patients while also striving to be the leading provider of eye care in the nation. With Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals, Aao Accha Dekhein!

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