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The Idol: Is Selena Gomez the main inspiration behind the failing HBO series?

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Earlier this month, the highly anticipated HBO series, The Idol, co-created by Sam Levinson and The Weeknd, faced heavy criticism. However, an unexpected theory emerged from fans who believe that the show drew inspiration from the life of pop star Selena Gomez, who had a brief relationship with The Weeknd in 2017. Social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok were flooded with thousands of posts comparing scenes from the series to Gomez’s real-life experiences.

Uncanny similarities between Selena Gomez and Joss from The Idol

One of the most striking similarities is the parallel between the lead character of The Idol, Joss, and Selena Gomez. Both Joss and Gomez began their careers as child actors on popular children’s shows. Gomez gained prominence through her role as Alex Russo in Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place, while Joss’s acting background, although undisclosed, plays a crucial role in her character’s development.

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Complex mother-daughter relationships for both Selena Gomez and Joss from The Idol

Joss and her mother in The Idol share a turbulent relationship that occasionally crosses into abuse. Although Selena Gomez has never claimed any physical harm from her mother, their relationship has had its ups and downs. Gomez’s mother openly expressed disapproval of her daughter’s involvement with singer Justin Bieber and her decision to work with director Woody Allen on the film A Rainy Day in New York. Gomez’s mother wrote in a January 2018 Instagram post, “No one can make Selena do anything she doesn’t want to… She makes all her own decisions.”

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Similar struggles and comebacks for both Selena Gomez and Joss from The Idol

In 2016, Gomez canceled the remaining months of her Revival world tour, citing anxiety, panic attacks, and depression following her lupus diagnosis. Similarly, the first episode of The Idol reveals that Joss recently canceled her world tour due to her mother’s passing, and she embarks on a journey to make a comeback throughout the series. Notably, Joss’s comeback includes a provocative magazine cover shoot, reminiscent of Gomez’s controversial “Bad Liar” music video featuring a hospital bracelet. From shared experiences of anxiety and mental health challenges to best friends doubling as personal assistants, the resemblances between Selena Gomez’s life and The Idol are numerous. Although the show has faced criticism from various angles, fans continue to draw connections between the series and Gomez’s personal journey. Whether these similarities are intentional or coincidental, they provide an intriguing lens through which to view The Idol’s storyline and its potential inspiration from Gomez’s life.

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