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Kevin Costner Insists He’s ‘Not Any Different’ From Other Dads With Their Kids; Jokes ‘He’s An Uber Guy’ For His Children

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Kevin Costner has a similar view of himself: he is just a regular dad driving his children to school every morning. He told the publication in a recent cover story that he is an Uber guy. People with such disorders often declared, sarcastically, ‘I am not any different than anybody else!’

Costner, who PEOPLE’s 100 Reasons to Love America in the April 17 2024 issue declared as their top pick, is seen spending most of his time driving the three younger ones; Cayden, 17, Hayes, 15, and Grace, 14 to their friends’ houses, school, or volleyball practices. Such activities ensure he is busy all the time He describes his children as ‘shooting stars’.

Costner has five children in total; however, the two youngest are with his ex-wife Christine Baumgartner: Cayden (born in 2002) and Watson (born in 2007). Costner has four other adult children, Annie (born in 1980), Lily (born in 1984), Joe (born in 1988), and Liam (born in 1994). This is a Hollywood actor who has achieved all his goals, yet pushing his children around the freeway solicits a feeling he considers normal fatherhood.

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Kevin Costner embraces family bonding through adventure and Hollywood legacy

The children of the Costner family are very close to each other and often spend their time together engaging in various forms of outdoor activities such as surfing, spearfishing, and exploring the coastal tide pools. The whole family, especially Kevin Costner, who values their days in their house in Santa Barbara with Pacific Ocean views, explain how they lose themselves in aquatic activities, using all the time to engage in water-related activities.


About his children, he speaks, Hollywood is his workplace and his children are grown up knowing the father’s role in Hollywood as the ‘Anchor’ of life. However, Costner acknowledges that whatever the father achieves, he has to do it ‘for his family’. For instance, he boasts of ensuring that his children are well supported in their endearing goals such as transporting Grace and Hayes to their volleyball practice sessions.

In an even stranger way that most people would consider as very strange, Costner has also involved his children in his business by giving them roles in his movies. His older children worked in his 1990 hit Dances with Wolves which according to him dramatizing the moments of their family life on than life-movie scale.

Parrying a thriving professional life with parenting and spousehood has not only provided direction and meaning to Costner’s life but also positivity defined his and their existence.

Kevin Costner’s sons make acting debuts

Kevin Costner’s youngest son, Hayes, recently made his acting debut in his father’s ambitious new western, Horizon: An American Bore. Like his father Costner, another son Joe has also been successful in getting a place in the third part of the planned four-movie series.

Hayes offers far more in his account than just how this job provided a formative acting experience; it was a special time that he and his father had together. Looking back to their times on the set, Hayes was so touched by how they have a common love for storytelling to their father and it product of precious moments.

Something that was a source of joy for them apart from shooting episodes is the fishing trips, father and son. Hayes stressed that such moments are not very much fishing but rather happy moments of spending productive time together in calm and serene surroundings. Such outings present them exquisite moments through which they can be together more and build their relationship.

As much as professional endeavours, including cinema projects, function as his line of work, Kevin Costner and his sons maintain that their relationship remains a work in progress while the instances of father-son

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