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Is It Cake? Release date, plot, and everything you need to know about Season 2

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Is It Cake is a reality cooking competition television series on Netflix. The first season was aired in 2022. After gaining huge popularity, the series is all set to return with its second season. From release date to plot and more, here’s everything you need to know about season 2 of Is It Cake? 

When is Is It Cake? Season 2 releasing?

The second season of Is It Cake? created by Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz, will premiere on Netflix on June 30 from 12 am. The second season will also be hosted by Saturday Night Live alum Mikey Day like the first one. 

What to expect from season 2?

The second season is set to feature a bunch of new confectionary artists and bakers. They will be taking on the challenge of identifying cakes that look like ordinary objects and going on to make one of them confuse the judges. The host Mikey Daywill shows his excellent knife skills to separate cakes from the original objects. Apart from this, the season will also feature contestants from different cultures and backgrounds in this culinary industry. 

Ten of the world’s most popular bakers will be taking the challenge in this season. They will identify cakes from ordinary objects. The second season will have 8 episodes in total and every week, contestants will have to go through two rounds.

What will be the prize after the competition? 

The winner of each Is It Cake? season 2 episode will be given $5000. The winner will have the chance of grabbing an extra $5000 only if they manage to guess between “a real bag of cash and one made out entirely of cake.”

Meanwhile, the list of contestants for the second season has been shared by Netflix and they are Corterrius Allen, Danya Smith, Elizabeth Rowe, Jarid Altmark, Justin Salinas, Kayla Giddings, Liz Marek, Miko Kaw Hok Uy, Pete Tidwell, and Spirit Wallace.

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