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How Online Yoga School is solving the ‘one-size-fits-all’ problem of practicing yoga at home

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The one-size-fits-all problem in online yoga has become increasingly visible in recent years. Not all yoga classes and programs are created equal, and, as such, not all yoga classes are suitable for all types of bodies.

According to a survey conducted by Yoga Journal, only 28% of respondents were satisfied with their experience of online yoga due to the lack of personalization and the “one-size-fits-all” approach. The survey also found that many people feel that online yoga classes need to offer more support and guidance to help them make the most of their yoga practice.

Furthermore, a study from the International Journal of Yoga Therapy reported that many online yoga programs lack the guidance to help participants modify poses and practice safely. This finding is particularly concerning for people with existing injuries or physical limitations who may put themselves at risk if they do not receive adequate instruction.

As such, there is a need for more personalized and tailored online yoga programs to ensure everyone can benefit from their yoga practice.

Tailor-fitting online yoga

Providing a variety of affordable classes is the key to overcoming the barrier in online yoga learning. By offering courses tailored to different skill levels, physical abilities, and interests, people can find the types that best fit their needs.

In addition, by keeping the classes affordable, people can access more classes, explore different styles of yoga, and benefit from various instructors, creating a more inclusive online yoga community that is more accessible and accommodating to all.

Making quality yoga classes accessible

Steph Ball-Mitchell’s strongest motivation was inviting inclusion into the yoga community when she founded Online Yoga School, the first online platform to offer yoga classes remotely.

Online Yoga Schools offer various classes to meet the needs of all yogis. From beginner classes to advanced classes and from gentle practices to dynamic flows, practitioners can find a class that fits their needs. With restorative, prenatal, yin, and children’s yoga courses, people can practice whatever feels right.

With a wide variety of instructors and styles, Online Yoga Schools offer a great way to explore and deepen the practice. Whether it is for beginners or those looking to take their practice to the next level, there is something for everyone.

Online Yoga School offers access to high-quality recordings and live virtual sessions for only $9.99 a month. The platform also caters to aspiring instructors of different strengths and backgrounds by providing a range of certification classes.

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