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Did Joan Vassos Have A Cameo In 1985’s St. Elmo’s Fire? Golden Bachelorette Star Reveals

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Joan Vassos worked in the film industry prior to her appearance on The Golden Bachelor. She moved from behind the scenes to the spotlight, highlighting her experiences on the show. As the new season began, the first Golden Bachelorette spoke with Entertainment Tonight about her celebrity crushes.

She highlighted the good qualities of actor Rob Lowe, whom she met on one of his movie sets in her youth. Fans who may have had memorable experiences or celebrity crushes will find her more relatable as a result of this revelation, which humanizes her story. 

Joan shares some personal experiences

Joan told him about her in-person encounter with him and her role as an extra in one of his films. She claimed to have loved him since she was 21 and recalled being in St. Elmo’s Fire.

She claimed he could recognize her as an extra in an instant. Vassos was seen quickly riding her bicycle past a fraternity house while Lowe’s character Billy Hicks stood outside. The moment occurred around 52 minutes into the beloved film.

She also expressed her admiration for Kevin Costner, stating that she had thought of him as the rugged, sexy guy since Yellowstone, as opposed to Rob Lowe, who was more polished. She remarked that Costner was extremely handsome.

Vassos shared with ET what she’s seeking in her future husband when it comes to her real-life crushes. After departing the Golden Bachelor early to support her daughter, who had just welcomed a baby, Vassos will be undergoing the full process for the first time.


It was obvious, she said, that he had to be a family man and kind. She said that her father always opened doors, carried everything, stood up when a woman entered the room, was always courteous, and never used slurs as an example of gentlemanly conduct. 

She said that he was everything a gentleman should be, and that’s what she was looking for. She went on to say that she thought it was very charming and adorable. She continued by saying that she was attracted to an adventurous man who could fulfill all of her plans for her late husband, John, who passed away in 2021 from pancreatic cancer.

Planning for future

Joan said that she truly missed the idea of making plans for the future and having fun with someone when those plans were canceled. Because life is short and she wants to see the world, she felt ready for someone who was full of adventure and eager to have fun. 

Vassos, in an Instagram video posted on Wednesday, June 12, revealed her packing routine just a day before leaving for the show. In the video, she appeared both excited and nervous, slightly over-packed but mostly ready for her upcoming adventure. Her caption expressed vulnerability and gratitude to her supportive friends, family, and viewers. 

Vassos admitted to feeling a unique combination of vulnerability and gratitude, expressing uncertainty about the journey ahead while comparing it to her suitcase, expecting it to be full of surprises. She ended her message with the simple phrase, “Here I go…”

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