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Cultural hotspots of the USA

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People travel for a whole host of different reasons. Some travel to lie on a beach and get a tan, others travel to places that offer the best shopping in the world, many travel to see some of the most unique nature in the world and others travel for the most daring adventures. There is a growing group of people who travel for cultural reasons. They travel to see and immerse themselves in a culture that is nothing like their own. To sit in a remote village with a local family in Cambodia, to visit the Sherpas of Nepal, to learn about the geishas of Japan, these are cultural trips that can’t be matched. While these exotic locations do offer incredible cultural riches, there isn’t a need to stray so far. Looking at America alone there are some incredible cities that allow you to soak up vibrant cultures.


Chicago, Illinois, is an incredible city with great people and a fantastic history. Like every city in the world, it has museums and shops but more than that it has an incredible culture. It is a city worth visiting to mix with the people and get a sense of their passion. For anyone interested in sport, Chicago has an incredibly rich offering. The home of the Chicago Bulls where Michael Jordan changed the face of basketball. The home of the legendary White Sox in baseball, where Michael Jordan didn’t change much. The home of the Chicago Cubs won the World Series in 2016 after waiting for more than 100 years. This city has a passion that is unmatched across America and incredible to be a part of, if only for a short visit.


Indianapolis is located in Indiana. The city is not that well known as a tourist-must-visit but it is growing in reputation. Famous for the home of speedway (the Indy 500) the city is becoming known for much more today. It has a diverse culture built on a complex history that means this city has a unique charm. The city is incredibly beautiful and worth a visit to soak up its unique culture.

New York

While New York is an incredible city that will keep anyone busy for any length of time, the culture there is something special. From sport to history, to world affairs, New York is seen by many as the center of the world. New York has had a massive influence on how the world has grown in the last decades and is a must-visit for anyone interested in culture. While your days will be busy seen the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and more. You will have the opportunity to get to know one of the richest and most diverse cultures in the world. 


If you ask anyone who has been to or lived in America, they will say that there is nothing quite like Texas. Texas is a truly unique place in America. The reason is culture. Whether you go to Houston to see the museum of space exploration or to eat some incredible barbeque, you will leave talking about the culture. The place has a rich history and the people there take incredible pride in their city. It has something to offer people in every walk of life and for those who want to go somewhere for a visit and soak up the culture, there are few places that are easier to recommend than Houston, Texas.

These are just four of our favorite spots in America for cultural visits. The real trick with culture is to avoid the top tourist sites and try to get to mix with the locals. If you go to a city and only meet other tourists then you really haven’t experienced the city at all.

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