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British troops speak out about exposure to toxic chemicals | Redefining ‘extremism’ with Sam Coates | UK News

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In the early months of the Iraq war in 2003, around 88 British troops were deployed to the Qarmat Ali water treatment plant to provide round-the-clock security.

What the soldiers didn’t know was that while on duty, they were being exposed to a carcinogenic chemical used to maintain the pipes in the plant.

Ten ex-soldiers have now spoken out for the first time after suffering a range of health problems, including daily nosebleeds, a brain tumour and several diagnoses of cancer.

Today on the Daily, Niall Paterson speaks to Sky’s Michael Drummond about his report into why the former troops are still seeking reparations, and to ex-RAF sergeant Andy Tosh who was exposed to the chemical and says his health has been permanently damaged.

Plus, we’ll get the latest from deputy political editor Sam Coates on the government’s new definition of ‘extremism’.

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