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Would you live in a secluded lighthouse for a year for $130,000?

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During the pandemic, we have all had a taste of isolation. For the majority of people, it has not been fun. Humans are a social animal and the lack of social interaction has proved difficult for nearly everyone. Of course, there are some people who have simply loved it. There are no more family functions that you have to attend, no more parties that you feel obliged to make an appearance at. For some people, isolation is the perfect excuse to watch Netflix, read a book, and be your own company. If this sounds like you then we have the perfect idea for when the pandemic is over. Why not move to a lighthouse?

East Brother Light House Station is currently looking for two people to manage the lighthouse. The only catch is that the lighthouse is located on a small rock off the coast of San Francisco and you would have to stay that all year round. To some, this is an absolute nightmare but we are certain that there are many readers out there who are loving the sound of this escape. If you need to be further enticed then allow us to mention the attractive $130,000 wages for each person.

You may be reading this and wondering if lighthouses really need people to manage them anymore? Surely there is a computer that can do the same job, at least that is what a life of watching The Simpsons has told me. That is totally correct, the majority of lighthouses are now fully automated and have removed the need for people to live in the middle of nowhere and go slightly insane. Yet this lighthouse is in itself a landmark and the local authorities felt that it needed to be preserved in its original state. Instead of fully automating it they altered the lodging to be a cozy B&B instead.

The person who takes the job will therefore not be entirely isolated. There will be guests to the B&B in the summer that have to be brought to and dropped off the island and looked after. This does sound similar to the outline of the movie the Shining. Where the caretaker looked after a hotel in the winter and went crazy as a result. However, we have been informed that unlike that hotel the lighthouse is not haunted. Of course, if it was the advertisers would likely not mention it.

The job won’t be easy as you are required to look after every aspect of the lighthouse and B&B. If something goes wrong there is no repairman to ring to fix it and so you must be pretty handy at repairs and a dab hand in the kitchen too. The job ad says that at least one of the positions must be filled by someone with a Captain’s license so if you are really keen on winning this position we suggest you start working towards that license pretty quickly. The advertisers have said that they have received over 1,000 applications to date so it is a highly competitive position.

The job is clearly an incredibly unique position. If you want to journey further into the world of isolation and solitude it may be the perfect solution. Imagine it is your niece’s birthday party and your family ask why you can’t attend? Secluded on an island protecting a lighthouse, is a pretty good excuse. Just don’t let them find out about the luxurious B&B as they may try to move the next family function there to ensure you are part of the celebrations.

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