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World Cup 2022: ‘There is hope in Argentina with Lionel Messi’

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Argentina’s massive supporters gathered in the thousands at Qatar’s Energy City. Massive Lusail was next to the stadium and he had only one man at their head in the face of a World Cup threat. Lionel Messi has carried the hopes of this football-loving country for most of his career, but Argentina will face old rivals Mexico in a deafening atmosphere on stage where the final will take place. I got even more excited when I did. Two games after an embarrassing loss to Saudi Arabia in the opening match, Argentina knew a loss would effectively end the World Cup. Messi knew that the great honors that had eluded him during his illustrious career would forever be out of reach. Messi once again shouldered the burden of Argentina’s expectations – and again he unleashed branding magic when it was most needed to change the course of a war of attrition, and perhaps the course of his team’s World Cup. The clock showed 64 minutes. Every second that passed was a pressure valve on Argentina and, by extension, Messi. He knows that Argentina’s failures at this stage could be viewed as Messi’s failures, justified or not.

He was on the sidelines but became the star to make a devastating impact as Mexico fell to a magical left foot that broke the hearts of so many of his opponents. A gentle touch killed Angel di Maria’s pass. The ball’s second touch went past the outstretched left arm of Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa and went deep into the bottom corner. As the Argentinian fans clamored, Messi ran up with his arms outstretched in his familiar celebratory pose. He seemed very emotionally relieved and relieved to be surrounded by his teammates knowing that the man they had relied on most had been delivered again. As the crowd of players dispersed, Messi stood in front of fans dressed in light blue and white and waved his arms in celebration, he knew what it meant to them. You knew what it meant to him. mutual ecstasy. The best players deliver results when it counts, so it’s no surprise that Messi is back in action. Up until that point, it had not been an easy night for Messi against Mexico. Messi visibly enjoyed putting his skates on the feet of the highly committed Argentinian side, who won the World Cup at his stadium in Lusail on 18 December. Messi was alienated from Mexico. The 35-year-old, who failed to make an impact in the morass of first-half stops and infractions, often sought at a walking pace for places to escape the Mexican’s close attention When the football match finally started in the second half, Messi succeeded with his signature darts his runs, his quick passes, and, of course, the genius strokes that broke the deadlock.

“We must play in every final, we must not make mistakes,” Messi said. I knew it was there, and I knew how to do it. Messi certainly knew how to do it. He knows this will be his last World Championship. It’s the only elite stage he hasn’t won a cash prize yet. Messi suffered a crushing defeat to Germany in the 2014 Rio Maracana final. He has never gotten as close to a World Championship as possible Messi’s career spanned the Champions League in his league, where he won the Ballon d’Or seven times. With Barcelona, he won the La Liga title ten times. His time at Paris Saint-Germain is still seen as something of a footnote, but even there he has won the Ligue 1 crown Last year, he put an end to his long-awaited run for his first major international title when Argentina beat Brazil in the Copa America final. The World Cup is the missing link; this is Messi’s last chance to claim it. Argentina was completely unconvinced. But for now, Argentina’s World Cup show has resumed. Because Lionel has hope where his Messi is.

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